Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hello friends and bloggers ♥
I'm glad so many of you liked my last post!
I think I need to do more things like that in the future ♥♥♥

I entered a shoe design contest in Sweden!
Please vote for me ♥

This is how you do it!
You click that link up there! Than you will come to the homepage. It's all in Swedish, don't worry! I'll guide you trough! Once you click there should appear a picture of my shoes and some stars. Please rate the shoe 5 stars and you are done ♥

What I can win is that they will produce my shoe and sell it! Would not that be awesome? Also I would get money to shop for (and most of you know how fancy it is to shop, right?)

I would like to remind you all of that I'm going to TOKYO soon and that I will SHOP things for a giveaway! So I hope you are all looking forward to that ♥

Emmelie ♥


  1. love the shoe very ethnic and rokku kei

  2. Very cool shoe! And I voted for you, hope I did everything right! :-))

    Looking forward to your giveaway, that's whatI wanna do, too as soon as I start my Working Holiday in Japan, hahaha!

  3. Ami: To tell the truth I'm no fan of golden studs but it looks fantastic on these shoes ♥ I'd wear them anyday ♥ Gal or not!

    Thanh Thao: Thank you ♥ Hopefully you did! all you suppose to do is to vote 5 stars ♥

    I bet you will have a fab giweaway to ♥

  4. I voted for your shoe! I hope you do win, your design is so cute. I would love to be able to buy them and say "I am wearing shoes by Emmelie!" XD

    I'm a bit lazy, but I will send you a reply to your email soon. I'm sorry I'm so bad about emailing ><

  5. What size are you? in fact I have made shoes for friends...well redsigned shoes! I think I Might make you a pair if I know what size you are ♥

    Hey it's okay ♥ and I found someone who will go to the hair saloon with me ♥ and old friend who been living in Japan for quite a while now ♥♥♥