Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Day 1, London ♥

So I told you all that I would make a big post about my London trip but it will be too big to fit into just one post so I'll post day by day instead or at least some days in one!! ♥

Day 1!

I never really went to sleep the day before so at 3 AM I walked trough the city (no buses) and took the flight bus to Arlanda airport. One hour later and 100 SEK (about 10 USD) less I arrived. I waited there at 4:30 AM until 5:00 AM when I checked in. After that I HAD ICE CREAM

Strawberry sauce with bits of real strawberries in, mini marshmallows and vanilla ice cream.

I arrived and it was really nice. Got myself a subway card and got to my hostel. I stayed in St Pauls. Really nice ♥

Packed my stuff up, got things in order and went away to meet up Ken. We decided earlier over internet that we would meet up ♥ such a gentle guy ♥

Ken ♥

Too bad we did not take any pictures together D: but oh well!
Chai-latte by Picadilly is the best ♥

More tomorrow ♥



  1. this ice cream looks soooo delicious! *_*
    glad to see that you had a great time in london^^

  2. mm, that icecream looks delicious!

  3. Shou-chan: Oh it was ♥ I think I'll buy it soon again ♥
    This is just a small part of it!!

    elfpixie: Yeeees *_* ♥

  4. Which looks more delicious, the ice cream or Ken?? Haha XD It is too bad you didn't get a photo together, that would have been a lot of pretty in one photo!

  5. I agree with Sara Mari~ I don't think any of our computers could handle it, though! :D

    That icecream looks DELICIOUS, too~!! ♥

  6. want this icecream now!! :)

    London is so cool, I really love this city! Have a great time there !!

  7. Wahh~ Your in london! That's Awesome. I want to visit there someday. Hope you have fun~

    And thank you for following my blog Emmelie!

  8. さらまり: Both I guess? ♥ *laugh* both sure are!
    It would!! we talked of Puri but forgot about it ;;

    華 ♡°・.。; Must be it, for sure.
    Yeees *__* ♥

    abendstern : GO and get it!! It's so much summer with ice cream! ♥

    I had a great time ♥

    Sakky ♥ : You should! It's great ♥

    Noproblem hunny ♥

  9. OMG the first picture... I WANT!!!

  10. Monica Tang: It's delicious and cheap ♥ Come to Sweden again and if it's still there I'll treat you ♥

  11. That icecream looks yum i'm hungry now :D perfect for on a summers day!
    Looking forward to your updates.

  12. Missmoomin: Yes! I got myself another one the other day after I got back. It's summery perfection.