Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 8 , London ♥

SO! Ages later I will now update with another London post.
I guess things been upside down and stressful as well! But here is the post.

At the 8th day me and my friend Alice went to BBC for a guided tour.
We got there too early so we decided to check out some shops in a nearby shopping centre. A lot of sale but nothing that fit.

When the tour finally started they showed us around all over the place.
There was very little of Dr Who which I had hoped for but better some than nothing!

Me and Tardis ♥
(Oh my am I wearing flats?)


We later visited several places such as Victoria and Albert museum, The natural history museum, lunch at Starbucks and walked around in Kensington.

It was really good ♥

I would love to live like this.

We also went to the most wonderful little shop with vintage underwear. What Katie did it's called and well worth a visit! If you like beautiful underwear I think you should visit if you have the chance.

I think it's very charming ♥

And since this was our last day in London me and my friend decided to go out for a drink! It's not very hard to find a place to get a drink at around where we lived but we ended up in some cozy one with crazy bartenders!

I have no idea what we has but it all taste so delicious.

My friends second drink they set on fire!
All very cool. Wish I got a photo of that.

All and all a very nice day in London together with Alice ♥
Tomorrow will be my last London post but also the last day before going to Japan ♥
I'll keep you toned!



  1. oh wow i love those apartments too!

  2. The first picture of you is so cute! ^-^
    And yummy Starbucks!!~ :3

    Have Fun In JAPAN!!:D

  3. Saving Capulet: YES! They are so pretty but I bet they cost a lot ♥

    Yumeko♡: Thank you ♥♥♥
    Yes I love Starbucks *___* ♥


  4. OMG you got to see a REAL DALEK!!!SOOO COOOL XD..i can't wait for london now. MUST SEE THE TARDIS!!