Friday, 9 July 2010

Day 3 + 4, London ♥

So for my 3rd day in London I did not have many gal activities added to my schedule.

As some of you may know I'm a BJD collector so I decided to go to the monthly London BJD meet ♥

With me to London I brought my doll Aubrey, a Migidoll Ryu ♥
So I got up in time, way to early, to get ready and to meet up my friend Hannah at Waterloo station to together walk to the Blue Bar on Level 4 of the Royal Festival Hall.

Hannah. Taken from her personal blog.
She is so cute ♥

When we arrived there was several girls there! They all looked so nice and humble and their dollies cute!

I did not take many pictures from the meet but if you would like to see some please go here and look at a friends photos.

This is my boy:

Aubrey ♥

After the whole meet I got and picked up a weekly Oyster card.
The lady working there got me the card cheaper and I never cared to tell her she did wrong really. 11 GPB for something that normally cost 25 GBP is a deal to me.

Tesco baby!

I got myself over at TESCO to buy some cheap food. Buy two for 2 GBP! MEAL DEAL ♥ also some fruit from Marks ans Spencer.

For my 4th day I met up with Marie again ♥ She was such a doll! It's too bad I don't have any pictures at all of our outfits this day! She had this truly pretty floral dress and killer heals.

We ended up going to Camden and did some shopping and bought cheap Chinese food for lunch.

They days where warm and very very humid so I always eat like a heavy lunch and a light dinner. Worked for me and for her too luckily!

Cheap Camden market Chinese food! So very good ♥

After a while the heels killed her feet and she took the grand dessision to take of her shoes and walk around in her thighs. How many times have I not done the same? Killer heels are just so pretty!!

We sat down in a park and let her feet breath a little. Poor feet ;;
She found her way home early which I find completely fine! Better to have happy feet!

I been shopping a lot and for those who wonder where the pictures of these things are I will now write: They will come up later. I need to take proper pictures of it all! So please be kind and wait ♥



  1. Migidoll ryu is such a pretty mold, your boy looks super handsome in that mohair wig! I didn't know you were a bjd collector cool!

  2. さらまり: I own several of them! I like all of them!
    I tried to give him a 80's look ♥

  3. Ahhh, when my friends and I were in London we payed sooooo so much for our Oyster Card! Our hearts somehow bleeded, cause we payed about 32 GBP for it ( but we stayed in London for over a week). You really made a great deal, you lucky!♥
    And about the Meal Deal .. haw~ we already ate everyday something from the Meal Deal. It was perfect for the day, tasty and cheap! These sandwiches and yummy yummy crisps you got in the MD... so many beautiful memories.
    Also when I see Camden Town and Market! I liked it a lot there~
    BUT ... I remember all those Chinese Food sellers, they were a pain in the ass! I dunno if I told you that story before but my friends and I are all vegetarian or vegan and as we walked through the little street in the Camden Stalls they were like: "DO YOU WANNA CHICKEN? TASTY CHICKEN! CHICKEN! CHICKEN! TASTY CHICKEN! Or would you like som DUG? Tatsy dug!" ;_;
    And we had to walk through this little street like 6 times, cause we got lost several times. /D
    At the end we were running, cause we couldn't stand it! But all this are such nice memories. I want to go there again!♥

  4. jacqueline: I spent like 2 GPB in two days out of 8 and soon decided that a weekly card be much better! You can go around London without the subway but it's possibly the fast and best.

    I know right? The meal deal is really nice and more than ideal if you are two people. Alone you don't make too much money but at least something.

    I guess they are used to people that want the meat but I can see why it was annoying ;;

    Was lucky to have my friend with me that know Camden as her back pocket!

    You should! I sure will *__*

  5. OOh I always wanted to go to Camden it looks like so much fun! The street vendors and all I can't wait to go there next year :D

  6. Bianca: It's fun but not like 'whoa forever and ever on fun' I can see why the brits get tired of it after a while. Enjoy your trip ♥