Friday, 30 July 2010

Japan! First post!

Oh hi! So yes I am in Japan now in my friends apartment. How fancy is not that? I will take some pictures later and show you what it looks like!

First of all: The flight ♥

Did you all know how awesome turbulence can be? You can become weightless if it becomes really strong!!

Anyway ♥ Here is pictures of the flight food. It was all really nices sides some cheesecake that was too sweet.

Cheesecake, water, tea, bread, salad (shrimp and egg) and curry rice with chicken.

Bread, assorted meat, grapes, tomato, tea, water, jam, yogurt with peach cream.

SO! Was is the first thing I do after 13 hours travel from Sweden to Japan? I GO TO DISNEYLAND! OF COURSE! My friend called me a super hero, I think he is right.

I always wanted to go since age of 10 so this is a dream come true for me!!

I got a very few pictures sadly.

Food at the 'Queen of hearts' restaurant.
I only had a fruit-cup but you got that cute cup too♥ And also some grape soda.

More food and drink. Orange drink with strawberry cream puffs ♥

Disney attraction and the castle in the back

The castle plus Japanese peeps in the way

Oh and also. We went on a guided boat trip. The guide killed me. I filmed him! Please enjoy ♥



  1. disneyland tokyo is great. i love it ^^ and i road the guide boat trip too. it was so funny. did you buy one of those cute disney chara hats?

  2. Oh the food looks so interesting, which airline did you use? Recently I always choose the Hindu meal from the special options because its less heavy/better taste I found haha!

    Thank you for sharing the Disneyland photos, I am so happy you could make your dream come true by going there! I really like that Cheshire Cat mug hehe^^

    I'm curious to see the apartment as well!

  3. How cool is that?? You went to Disneyland after such a long flight, hahaha!

    Enjoy the time in Tokyo, how ling will you be there? I wanna see the apartment, too! :-))

  4. That's so awesome! My family and I were going to go to Disney land while we were in Florida, but unfortunately It didn't happen. :(

    And wow, you are a beast. (in a good way~ ♥) I would have crashed once I got there!

    Hope your having fun in Japan!

  5. I adore that Chesire cat cup!

  6. ahhhhhh!! im super jealous! JAPAN! :o i can only dream of once going there. the guide cracks me up hahaha :D

  7. Which flight company did you take? My airplane food didn't look so good when I went to Japan :( Lol I look forward to reading more of your trip!

  8. The airplane food look surprisingly tasty...

  9. It`s so interesting to come to Japan to meet freind! I wish i could do smth like this..but.. no friends in there ._.
    Who is your friend? Japanese?

  10. First time commenter♥

    That video reminds me of the time I went on that ride, almost a year ago!

    enjoy Japan!!

  11. Hoooo nice !!!