Sunday, 11 July 2010

Bread and shoes, all a girl need ♥

Some days ago my grandfather died and my whole family been in chock.
Instead of spending time in my apartment I spent my time with my mother at my parents house.

How to spend long days with too many thoughts in mind?
I baked.

First up was Donuts!

Donuts ♥

Mine was not too even (more like Danish pastry) but once put in sugar they really did taste like donuts. Took me like 15 minutes from start to end to make them! Thank god no one could see what my mothers kitchen looked after that .

Next: Ciabatta bread
I love this bread even if it's not too healthy. I eaten it for bread but it was not until 3 years ago when I went to Italy that I believe that I really started to love this bread.

Me and some friends went to see the Colosseum in Rome. So warm but we still decided to buy overpriced water and something to eat - Ciabatta with oil, fresh tomatoes and Mozzarella.

Freshly baked Ciabatta ♥

I never had anything so fantastic in my life. I highly recomend it! make your own bread or buy it, but some oil in first (instead of butter) than the tomatos and Mozzarella ♥ you can also put it into the oven and warm it all up : It's super!

Enough talk about bread and how to eat it!

I know you all are waiting for an update of my days in London and instead I'll upload my new pair of shoes.

I needed a pair if white heeled ones for Tokyo anyway ♥

The shoes ♥

Cost me 125 SEK (about 17USD) at Weekday. I love heels and these kind of heels are very comfortable if you are walking a long distance. (10 hours shopping in Tokyo baby) I hope to find many new pair of shoes in Tokyo ♥



  1. Emi my darling, you are a domestic goddess!

    Come live with me please.

  2. Alice:

    Oh love you know I will ♥ hopefully in October ♥

  3. love the shoes :)

    + this post made me hungry! haha

  4. wow you are so good at baking! I'm sorry for your loss.

  5. elfpixie: The shoes are love ♥

    Baking is so much fun ♥

    Amin: I love baking and same for food ♥ and thank you ♥

  6. Wow talented baker :) aboustly ADORE them shoes girly! So sorry for your loss

  7. I'm sorry for your loss ;_;

    those donuts look so perfect*_*
    you are a good baker*0*

  8. I love baking! I should do it more often. Those donuts look delicious~

    Your shoes are gorgeous, and so cheap~ I certainly understand why you'd choose this kind for 10 hours of shopping. My feet are always dying after a shopping trip in high heels. ^-^"

  9. I'm really sorry to hear your Grandfather passed away. I know that a really sad and difficult time, please take care.

    Wow! I wish I had your ambition at baking, I'm really too lazy haha. The donuts look too yummy^^

  10. Clairy: I love baking and my roomies likes it too XD♥
    and thank you! I love my shoes ♥ Will look good with shorts!

    Shou-chan: Thank you ♥

    I love baking and I done a lot of mistakes in my life ♥ but they taste good ♥

    Pony: Baking is so fun ♥

    I will have 3 weeks of shopping and lives!♥

    さらまり: Thank you so much ♥ Things feels much better now when I spent time with my family ♥

    You should try! That is the only way ♥

  11. I'm sorry for your loss and my condolences for you and your family.. i experienced the same thing back in February..

    but the baking looking really yummy! wish i could do that!

  12. Nic nic: Thank you so much ♥ It's all very hard but that's how death is. I just hope things are well with him now and with you too ♥

    All you got to do is to try!! ♥

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. Please take time to be with your family and don't worry about blogging until you feel better! I love your food pictures though, everything looks delicious!

  14. Miruku: Thing is that nothing will get better for me if I just lay around feeling sad. The only way for me is to do stuff, write my heart out so there be more blogging!! Sides I'm going to Japan in like 2 weeks ♥

  15. those shoes...

    I need them. <3

  16. hi there! new follower here!! i absolutely adore you! you're super pretty and omg, bjd! so envious right now :d cant wait to hear more from you soon :3 lots of love from the philippines :D

  17. cecil.: Weeekday baby ♥

    Saving Capulet: Thank you so much ♥ I always loved new followers and I'm glad you enjoy yourself here ♥ There be much more, that is a promise ♥