Thursday, 8 July 2010

Day 2, London ♥

Today I met up with Marie-Claire ♥ and went to UK'S biggest cinema! IMAX and all!
We where going to meet up outside of Burger King at Waterloo station.

Of course I arrived early and had some time to pick up snacks for the movie! I got us two packages with mixed fruit from Marks and Spencer ♥

Fruit ♥

When we got there their system was down so they asked us to just go up and get a seat. We managed to score better seats than those I ordered for us!


The movie: Shrek forever After was really good ♥ I love the Shrek movies so much. I even manages to cry some *laugh* Just to see Puss in boots as chubby = priceless.

After all of this we decided to head for China town! We took some Puri ♥ (see the entry before this one for pictures!) and later on we headed for Oxford street.

Oxford street was so busy and with all the sales going on and all!
Still my favourit place to be.

We had a small lunch at 'Wasabi' and as the good 'big sister' I am I paid for our light meal. Temaki and Green tea ice cream.

Marie, how cute is she not? ♥

Me! A bit slurry but okay

Temaki! Shrimp and Chicken

Green tea ice cream! My favourite

After the little meal we went to look at some shops and than she went home and I went to meet Ken again (or nancy-boy as a friend nicknamed his looks )

Me in the dressing-room of New look!

Got myself a leopard dress and a ring at New look. I really do like New look.
I wish I had got more than 600 GBP with me...

Anyway! Tomorrow a new update will be made!
Sorry that this one was so late...



  1. u are both cute
    dun worry about it!

  2. wow that looked so fun it brings back memories when I went to london too!

  3. Ken: Thank you so much Ken ♥

    Ami: It was so much fun! and more to come ♥

  4. love ur blog!!!

    i saw u on hime-friday!! congrats for that!!

    cute pics! im new follower-fan!!

  5. saw you on Hime Friday on Sara's blog. I just wanted to say that It's refreshing to find someone that draws on her eyebrows.

  6. Chaudie: Oh I see ♥
    To tell the truth I do have eyebrows but they are so light and so blond that you can't see them. I decided to draw them in instead. It's a cures to have really blond eyebrows that are far from thick (they once got burned off thanks to a friend of mine and ever really grew back to what they used to be)

  7. I love that white bow top you have! So cute~
    And that green tea ice cream looks yummy. :D

  8. Sakky ♥: Thank you ♥ It's from H&M and if you are lucky you can find it on sale! They have them on sale here atm!! ♥

    Ice cream is pure love ♥

  9. your coordinate is so cute! I love that top and the hat just adds that perfect touch!

  10. Sanna: Thank you ♥

    Bianca: Thank you ♥ That hat really is my favourite one. I can wear it to almost everything ♥