Friday, 30 July 2010

Japan! First post!

Oh hi! So yes I am in Japan now in my friends apartment. How fancy is not that? I will take some pictures later and show you what it looks like!

First of all: The flight ♥

Did you all know how awesome turbulence can be? You can become weightless if it becomes really strong!!

Anyway ♥ Here is pictures of the flight food. It was all really nices sides some cheesecake that was too sweet.

Cheesecake, water, tea, bread, salad (shrimp and egg) and curry rice with chicken.

Bread, assorted meat, grapes, tomato, tea, water, jam, yogurt with peach cream.

SO! Was is the first thing I do after 13 hours travel from Sweden to Japan? I GO TO DISNEYLAND! OF COURSE! My friend called me a super hero, I think he is right.

I always wanted to go since age of 10 so this is a dream come true for me!!

I got a very few pictures sadly.

Food at the 'Queen of hearts' restaurant.
I only had a fruit-cup but you got that cute cup too♥ And also some grape soda.

More food and drink. Orange drink with strawberry cream puffs ♥

Disney attraction and the castle in the back

The castle plus Japanese peeps in the way

Oh and also. We went on a guided boat trip. The guide killed me. I filmed him! Please enjoy ♥


Wednesday, 28 July 2010


Oh yeas I'm heading to sleep soon and than it's the best time: JAPAN TIME ♥

So off to dream land now and later to another ♥♥♥

Good night sweethearts ♥

Emmelie ♥

Day 9 , London ♥ THE END!!

This would be our last day in London. This makes me very sad. I would have loved to spend so much more time with Alice. She truly is one of those friends you be super sad to be without ♥ She is AMAZING ♥

Oh oh! Before we start this post off I would like to post some pictures from the night before at the club. I was drunk but hey, don't we all love these pictures? ♥

This is what you can do with a paper tissue when you are drunk.
Looks fab on me ♥

Say hello to my little friend...ALICE ♥
Oh yeah the face of mine!!

She is so cute and I like her Vintage style ♥
I wish I rock clothes like that ♥

So that where some of the pictures from that night. Took me ages to pick them out. I guess I wanted to look as pretty as Alice at the pictures ♥

So! The last day. DUN DUN DUN.

We got up in time to get to the bank by Picadilly and waited for a long 15 minutes of the cash machines was in order inside so oh hey. We had to do somewhere else and after that we headed to the Japanese bookshop. I was hoping to find WE ROCK or at least a gal magazine. Nothing. I ended up buying all my magazines at Japan centre. Still cheaper than in Sweden.

After all this we went to Bearded papa. A really nice place with Japanese cream puffs ♥ I had mine with chocolate cream!! A cream puff and some Popteen reading. FAB!

How good does that not look? And look at the coffee mug!
Bearded man, cute ♥


By this some more shopping followed and in the end we ended up eating at WAGAMAMA before she went for her train hope and me to air port.

SIDE NOTE! It's funny that the place is named WAGAMAMA (わがまま) Wagamama is Japanese for Selfish/selfishness/egoism. Maybe it's selfish to go and eat there since it's so good? ♥

Yum yum! It was really good!

That is the end of my London saga and I miss it so much already! I want to go back as soon as I get back from Japan. LONDON I LOVE YOU ♥♥♥

I want to meet Alice again, I want to see my girls, the food, the shopping,The people who I never had time to see (T__T), the laughs...all of it again + more♥♥♥ Thank you all for this wonderful time ♥

Emmelie ♥

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 8 , London ♥

SO! Ages later I will now update with another London post.
I guess things been upside down and stressful as well! But here is the post.

At the 8th day me and my friend Alice went to BBC for a guided tour.
We got there too early so we decided to check out some shops in a nearby shopping centre. A lot of sale but nothing that fit.

When the tour finally started they showed us around all over the place.
There was very little of Dr Who which I had hoped for but better some than nothing!

Me and Tardis ♥
(Oh my am I wearing flats?)


We later visited several places such as Victoria and Albert museum, The natural history museum, lunch at Starbucks and walked around in Kensington.

It was really good ♥

I would love to live like this.

We also went to the most wonderful little shop with vintage underwear. What Katie did it's called and well worth a visit! If you like beautiful underwear I think you should visit if you have the chance.

I think it's very charming ♥

And since this was our last day in London me and my friend decided to go out for a drink! It's not very hard to find a place to get a drink at around where we lived but we ended up in some cozy one with crazy bartenders!

I have no idea what we has but it all taste so delicious.

My friends second drink they set on fire!
All very cool. Wish I got a photo of that.

All and all a very nice day in London together with Alice ♥
Tomorrow will be my last London post but also the last day before going to Japan ♥
I'll keep you toned!


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shopping time ♥

It's now 8 days left for Japan ♥
I told myself to save and I have done that!
Just that I bought some stuff I really do need for Japan...
...okay I did not need a pair of gyaruo boots but I like them so much ♥
(Will look really good with a pair of jeans with patches on!!)

What I bought:

Some new make up
sponges - to apply foundation with
Big make-up brush - to apply powder with
Plastic file (dots ♥) - to keep my make up in my bag
Foundation - From Make-up store. I love that shop

Gyaruo boots! Could not resist.
They have patches on them saying 'racing' 'speed 69'
My inner speed racing and 80's fan screamed of happiness

I really needed a pair of shoes for LONG walks.

I dyed my hair back to my normal color.
My real color is SILVER GRAY.

No styling, no make- up. This is all natural me.
Naked beauty ♥

I'm not kidding you all.
In Japan I'm going to add extensions.
I'm going to ask my friend to check if the saloon we are going to got grey and if not I will add black ones and dye my under hair black Y/N?


Sunday, 18 July 2010


Hello friends and bloggers ♥
I'm glad so many of you liked my last post!
I think I need to do more things like that in the future ♥♥♥

I entered a shoe design contest in Sweden!
Please vote for me ♥

This is how you do it!
You click that link up there! Than you will come to the homepage. It's all in Swedish, don't worry! I'll guide you trough! Once you click there should appear a picture of my shoes and some stars. Please rate the shoe 5 stars and you are done ♥

What I can win is that they will produce my shoe and sell it! Would not that be awesome? Also I would get money to shop for (and most of you know how fancy it is to shop, right?)

I would like to remind you all of that I'm going to TOKYO soon and that I will SHOP things for a giveaway! So I hope you are all looking forward to that ♥

Emmelie ♥

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Time of change ♥

I need to stop being such a lazy person each time I get 'girls week'

But hey here I am ♥

I spoke to Sara Mari for a while yesterday and while speaking I got inspiration to a lot of posts. Sorry hun if I ended up talking a lot about myself but it happens?

This post is going to be about change.
Yes I love these post myself so I guess it's time I make one myself!
What have you all looked like over the time?

Oldest from the top ♥



Half red, half blond

Half pink half blond

Long black. Aoi of Gazette used to be my biggest idol.
Cute VK/Oshare kei


Short blond, binder. I wanted to be a guy.

My punk time . Cosplay really made me see that I could look like a guy

First try to be gal

I really changed over time and I think it's fun to watch and wonder: why did I end up as I did? Either way I'm happy to be who I am ♥

Emmelie ♥

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 7 , London ♥

On the morning of the 7th we got dressed since we where going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO (HOW ABOUT YOU YOU YOU? ...Silly song my friend taught me ♥)

I never been to the London Zoo before but I love Zoo's so of course we had to go to this one! We got up early, had an early breakfast and than headed off.

Somehow we managed to pick the day when every school in the country wanted to go to that Zoo but it was okay I guess. COME ON IT'S THE ZOO!!

So when we got there we had so much to pick from.

First we went to the reptile house! I love frogs and snakes ♥ Those really are my thing ♥

YES! That is a snake

Froggy froggy! Can you see it?

This one is so very pretty but as deadly

THEY RECORDED HARRY POTTER HERE! As the HP geek I am I got all excited ♥

After this we went to see numerous of animals. I'm not going to show you all the pictures but some of them

The famous Animalis Emmmelies!!

This tiger woke up while me and some kids looked at it! It decided to jump up on us

Me lost in the jungle

Oh just look at it! How cute is not that?

Munch munch munch

Oh yeah! Guarding the family from the evil homo sapiens!

On his back sleeping ♥

Mother and child

A moth in the butterfly house

Another butterfly ♥

I love Penguins and this little one was really cute ♥

More Penguins since they are my favourite animal ♥

We also did Brick lane after this and did some vintage shopping. Brick lane really is great for that! Too bad I did not have more money left but I ended up with 2 pair of shoes, 2 scarfs and numerous other things. Pictures later in my 'what I bought in London' post.

On a wall we passed in Brick lane

Later that evening we had dinner at a Swedish dining place named Fika. I was very excited since I am Swedish and my friends kept telling me that the British can't make food and non the less other countries food. This place proved my friends wrong.

We sat by this one! Fika ♥

The bar at 'Fika'

My friend eat one of the most traditional things ever when it comes to Swedish food. Meatballs, mashedpotatoes, brown sauce with lingonberry jam. To it the had a really good elderberry wine! I wish I would have picked that instead of water.

This is not what her food looked like but what it looks like back in Sweden!
I tasted her food and it was just as good ♥

Myself picked 'Plankstek' It's steak served on a plank with grilled mash around and served with Bearnaise sauce

Once again not the Plankstek I had but it looked the same and taste the same ♥

As dessert we had the Swedish Chocolate cake. It's a really rich and tasty chocolate cake. I first did not want any since I did not know if I had any room for it but made some anyway. As me and my friend say: Girls have 3 stomachs. One for chocolate, one for food and one for cake!

Cake ♥

We had a really good time and I also had a chance to speak Swedish. It's fantastic to speak your native language if you spent a week with another. When I move to London this is going to be my hangout