Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 9 , London ♥ THE END!!

This would be our last day in London. This makes me very sad. I would have loved to spend so much more time with Alice. She truly is one of those friends you be super sad to be without ♥ She is AMAZING ♥

Oh oh! Before we start this post off I would like to post some pictures from the night before at the club. I was drunk but hey, don't we all love these pictures? ♥

This is what you can do with a paper tissue when you are drunk.
Looks fab on me ♥

Say hello to my little friend...ALICE ♥
Oh yeah the face of mine!!

She is so cute and I like her Vintage style ♥
I wish I rock clothes like that ♥

So that where some of the pictures from that night. Took me ages to pick them out. I guess I wanted to look as pretty as Alice at the pictures ♥

So! The last day. DUN DUN DUN.

We got up in time to get to the bank by Picadilly and waited for a long 15 minutes of the cash machines was in order inside so oh hey. We had to do somewhere else and after that we headed to the Japanese bookshop. I was hoping to find WE ROCK or at least a gal magazine. Nothing. I ended up buying all my magazines at Japan centre. Still cheaper than in Sweden.

After all this we went to Bearded papa. A really nice place with Japanese cream puffs ♥ I had mine with chocolate cream!! A cream puff and some Popteen reading. FAB!

How good does that not look? And look at the coffee mug!
Bearded man, cute ♥


By this some more shopping followed and in the end we ended up eating at WAGAMAMA before she went for her train hope and me to air port.

SIDE NOTE! It's funny that the place is named WAGAMAMA (わがまま) Wagamama is Japanese for Selfish/selfishness/egoism. Maybe it's selfish to go and eat there since it's so good? ♥

Yum yum! It was really good!

That is the end of my London saga and I miss it so much already! I want to go back as soon as I get back from Japan. LONDON I LOVE YOU ♥♥♥

I want to meet Alice again, I want to see my girls, the food, the shopping,The people who I never had time to see (T__T), the laughs...all of it again + more♥♥♥ Thank you all for this wonderful time ♥

Emmelie ♥


  1. Oh those photos of you and Alice are so funny, it looks like you were having a great time!

    And Beard Papa! Can you believe I have never had it?

    I guess now you are leaving or have left for Japan, I hope you are having a safe trip. Please send me an email when you arrive!

  2. Sara Mari: I was really drunk but it was fun *__*! I don't think ppl knew I was drunk. A secret skill of mine.

    Oh god you need to have it! Even if you are on a diet they are not that many calories! If we can find one in Tokyo we can have half cream puff each!!

    I will send you one when I get there, love <3

  3. Have much fun in Japan! I hope to see you somewhere there too, if you come in autumn or next year again :-)))

    Anyway, hope you find some time to post from over there, we are looking forward!

  4. Cream puff looks so yummy and your first picture is so funny :)

  5. Thanh Thao: Oh thank you ♥ Oh I think we can arrange that ♥

    Oh I for sure will find the time!! ♥♥♥

    Clairey: GO and get some in London ♥