Monday, 12 July 2010

Day 5 + 6, London ♥

On my 5th day I was my day on my own before my friend arrived to London and concert time ♥

This day I just run around in London and took photos of my BJD doll at various famous places in London like the Tower bridge and St Pauls cathedral.

Here is some pictures:

St Pauls cathedral rose garden

Still in the garden

You can see tower bridge in the back

Tower bridge. It's also my current wallpaper ♥

After going all that way I took a red bus to the Elephant and Castle station. Quite a bit when other stations are closer but I really wanted to just ride by the bus for a while.

It's super exciting to sit in the very front on the top level of the bust when you don't have buses like that where you live.
At least for me ♥

After all this I got dead tired and went to sleep in my bunker bed at the hostel.

At my 6th day my friend Alice arrived ♥ She is one of my closest and most beloved ones so I was looking forward to meet her a lot ♥ I got all nervous while waiting for her (of course with no reason really since she is super ♥)

We met up at St Pauls subway station and together got to Oxford street to our new hostel. I decided to live at St Pauls when Oxford was booked up but moved there later with my friend.

When we finally got there we dropped our baggage of, did some refreshing and than got to know the hostel some before we left to shop on Oxford street and Westwood.

Got some stuff at the TOP SHOP sale and NOTHING at Westwood. I'm proud of myself to not buy anything in there. I saved my money for underwear later.

We also went to Japan centre bought some snacks, Ageha and had lunch. Really nice. (one of the cashiers working there had long hair and looked most delicious ♥)

Sushi from the Japan center

So after all this we got back to our room, dressed up and went to the Versailles gig.
I ADORE VERSAILLES. Well mostly Kamijo since I listened to his music since very young age. Felt good to see him live once again. Last time was last year.

This was my outfit for the live:

Mori girl

I find myself to be a gal and I love trends but also I do love Lolita and all things such...and I just had to try Mori once more. I think it fit the whole gig as well.

I had a fab gig, met new people, laughed and cried but most of all I felt happy. I had a wonderful time.



  1. Ahh your photos are so nice! Love the Mori outfit x

  2. Claire: Thank you so much doll ♥

  3. Pictures of sushi always make me hungry... ='C

    It's great that you tried mori! I think it looks very good on you, especially with the long hair~

  4. Pony: I love sushi so much *__*

    I tried Morie earlier! If you go back in the blog you'll find it ♥

  5. Oh thank you for sharing more photos of your boy! He looks beautiful with the roses in the background!

    You rode the double decker type bus? Yes, I think that would be a fun experience XD

    I like your coordinate for the concert! I also like styles other than gal, theres so many visually pleasing things in lolita^^

  6. さらまり: My friend asked: Ain't you gal, why are you not posting gal things? Well I like my doll so I will post pictures of him. I guess I have no cute baby pictures to post since I'm no gal mama ;D ♥

    Yes! It was awesome *_*!

    Thank you! all is in bone-white! I was all very picky about not being white or any kind of white than bone-white in all that.

    I know right? I love the versatility! ppl not calling me gal since I post things that is not only gal should thing twice ♥

  7. For some reason your doll makes me think of Yoshiki. :s

  8. Midori: Must be his 80's days than *laugh* I assure you he got nothing to do with Yoshiki *Not a major Yoshiki fan*

  9. Looks like your having such a good time :D!

  10. Bianca: Believe me! I had a wonderful time ♥