Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Shopping time ♥

It's now 8 days left for Japan ♥
I told myself to save and I have done that!
Just that I bought some stuff I really do need for Japan...
...okay I did not need a pair of gyaruo boots but I like them so much ♥
(Will look really good with a pair of jeans with patches on!!)

What I bought:

Some new make up
sponges - to apply foundation with
Big make-up brush - to apply powder with
Plastic file (dots ♥) - to keep my make up in my bag
Foundation - From Make-up store. I love that shop

Gyaruo boots! Could not resist.
They have patches on them saying 'racing' 'speed 69'
My inner speed racing and 80's fan screamed of happiness

I really needed a pair of shoes for LONG walks.

I dyed my hair back to my normal color.
My real color is SILVER GRAY.

No styling, no make- up. This is all natural me.
Naked beauty ♥

I'm not kidding you all.
In Japan I'm going to add extensions.
I'm going to ask my friend to check if the saloon we are going to got grey and if not I will add black ones and dye my under hair black Y/N?



  1. For me it's now 6 days till Japan, haha! :D

    Those boots are cool!

  2. Zara: That's awesome *__*!

    Thank you ♥

  3. Wow, only 8 days!! The time is passing so quickly XO

    I think it's ok that you bought those thing, they are all very useful. And the boots are so cool!

    I love your silver hair, I hope the saloon will have extensions to match. Otherwise I think your dying idea is good.

    What a lovely natural beauty!

  4. For sure? Your REAL hair has a grey-ish tone? How come, when you don't mind asking me. :)
    But why did you cut your hair off first when you're going to add extensions now? ;(

    These boots are seriously awesome!
    I wish you so much fun in Japan♥

  5. Sara Mari: I know! So fast and hopefully I get to see you soon ♥

    I know right? Everything is very useful and I want to be able to lay my make-up right away and not roam around in Japanese shops looking for something that is super cheap here anyway.

    I hope so too. I'm going to let see with my friend!

    Thank you ♥

    Yes! I don't know. It always been like that. As a baby I had really blond hair and than it faded into grey. I like it though. It's nice ♥

    I cut it of since my hair was in such a bad shape D: I could not save it and rather just put in exstentions again until my hair grow out again.

    Thank you ♥

  6. Yay, I got silver/gray hair, too ♥

  7. I wish you so much fun over there! :-)) Show us your extensions afterward, really looking forward to that! :-))

  8. Those boots are fantastic!

  9. I`ve never been to Japan. I wish you a lot of fun!! Looking forward to your extensions :)

  10. Thanh Thao: Thank you so much ♥
    Oh there be pictures for sure ♥

    Mandie: I know! they are so nice and cheap! Got them second hand ♥

    Tash: I'm sure you'll get there some day ♥ I'll update my blog about it!! ♥

  11. I loveee your phone ! Its so cutely decorated !

    Only 6 days ?! Thats cool ! Very jealous !

    care to follow me back ?


    alice h

  12. Your shoes are too cute!

    I envy your silver hair. I always wanted white hair like Storm from X-men. You're already mostly there without damaging your hair!

  13. oh god i love your hair colour!

  14. godessunseen101: Thank you! It's far from done but thank you ♥

    Shahana: Thank you ♥

    What I did is to first bleach my own hair in a very white sort of blond than I went to the hairdresser and asked them to make the color more even. At the same time the girl working there added silver shampoo! That will take all the yellow away and make your hair grey ♥

    Werooh: Thank you so very much ♥

  15. omg u look good without makeup