Thursday, 15 July 2010

Day 7 , London ♥

On the morning of the 7th we got dressed since we where going to the ZOO ZOO ZOO (HOW ABOUT YOU YOU YOU? ...Silly song my friend taught me ♥)

I never been to the London Zoo before but I love Zoo's so of course we had to go to this one! We got up early, had an early breakfast and than headed off.

Somehow we managed to pick the day when every school in the country wanted to go to that Zoo but it was okay I guess. COME ON IT'S THE ZOO!!

So when we got there we had so much to pick from.

First we went to the reptile house! I love frogs and snakes ♥ Those really are my thing ♥

YES! That is a snake

Froggy froggy! Can you see it?

This one is so very pretty but as deadly

THEY RECORDED HARRY POTTER HERE! As the HP geek I am I got all excited ♥

After this we went to see numerous of animals. I'm not going to show you all the pictures but some of them

The famous Animalis Emmmelies!!

This tiger woke up while me and some kids looked at it! It decided to jump up on us

Me lost in the jungle

Oh just look at it! How cute is not that?

Munch munch munch

Oh yeah! Guarding the family from the evil homo sapiens!

On his back sleeping ♥

Mother and child

A moth in the butterfly house

Another butterfly ♥

I love Penguins and this little one was really cute ♥

More Penguins since they are my favourite animal ♥

We also did Brick lane after this and did some vintage shopping. Brick lane really is great for that! Too bad I did not have more money left but I ended up with 2 pair of shoes, 2 scarfs and numerous other things. Pictures later in my 'what I bought in London' post.

On a wall we passed in Brick lane

Later that evening we had dinner at a Swedish dining place named Fika. I was very excited since I am Swedish and my friends kept telling me that the British can't make food and non the less other countries food. This place proved my friends wrong.

We sat by this one! Fika ♥

The bar at 'Fika'

My friend eat one of the most traditional things ever when it comes to Swedish food. Meatballs, mashedpotatoes, brown sauce with lingonberry jam. To it the had a really good elderberry wine! I wish I would have picked that instead of water.

This is not what her food looked like but what it looks like back in Sweden!
I tasted her food and it was just as good ♥

Myself picked 'Plankstek' It's steak served on a plank with grilled mash around and served with Bearnaise sauce

Once again not the Plankstek I had but it looked the same and taste the same ♥

As dessert we had the Swedish Chocolate cake. It's a really rich and tasty chocolate cake. I first did not want any since I did not know if I had any room for it but made some anyway. As me and my friend say: Girls have 3 stomachs. One for chocolate, one for food and one for cake!

Cake ♥

We had a really good time and I also had a chance to speak Swedish. It's fantastic to speak your native language if you spent a week with another. When I move to London this is going to be my hangout



  1. Great zoo photos, it looks like so much fun, I really like the tiger picture. And you look really cute, I like that top you are wearing ^^/

    The Swedish food is looking so yumm yumm! The only Swedish food I've had yet has been from Ikea, I need to try more!

  2. さらまり: It was! I love animals myself. At times one wish that I could have a pet tiger >-< ♥
    Thank you! It's from Zara!

    You should! IKEA is not the best of places but the food is cheap! ♥


    That's not a snake, it's a toad! XD

  4. ALice: it's a snake since I say so!

  5. Gutted I missed meeting up with youuu!!! =(

    Looks like you had a good time though, glad you enjoyed the Zoo, I can't remember the last time I went there...probably a school trip or something! @_@ xx