Friday, 21 May 2010

Chocolate and Kinky boots ♥

Today I went to the gym for the first time in AGES!
I was really surprised that I could run a treadmill for 20 minutes with no stop and work all the machines for 1 hour! I know I don't have the best condition ever but at least I'm not that bad ♥

So I'm finally doing something about this. For the rest of those weeks I live I stopped my fathers fat food terror and will finally eat the food I want (and like ♥) I am so tired of traditional Swedish food that I could kill (almost) Potatoes, sausages, mincemeat and cream in any size and way.

So this is next weeks menu:

Monday: Chicken breast with Quinoa
Tuesday: Potato soup
Wednesday: Mushroom Omelette
Thursday: Chicken Satay with peanut sauce
Friday: Spaghetti with beans and paprika
Saturday: Minestrone soup
Sunday: GI- mincemeat sauce and pasta

This sounds really good to me ♥ I always eat a good breakfast and in between the larger meals I eat something small such as fruit! A banana is awesome after working out ♥

Todays breakfast: Chrisp bread with a little butter on, a glass of orange juice, tea and an apple.

What do you like to eat for breakfast? I think I would love some yoghurt with Mango! I love mango ♥♥♥

Also I love making sweets and bake things so this is my latest project:

Chocolate with pistachio nuts

Time to make: 15 minutes

What you need to make this wonderful thing:

100 grams of dark chocolate
1/4 cup hacked pistachio nuts
1/4 cup hacked almonds
1/4 cup Bran flakes

How to make this:

1. Hack the almonds and pistachio nuts, make sure they are roughly hacked.
Save about 1 tablespoon from each to use as decoration on top of.

2. Melt the chocolate together with the hacked nuts in a water-bath for some minutest in microwave and crush the bran flakes in the end of the process. Pour the melted chocolate on baking paper and sprinkle the nuts and some bran flakes on top. Let it rest like that until its hard!


Kinky boots

Another one of those wonderful movies I love. This one is Brittish and most wonderful!

Some short facts:
From: 2005
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, drama, music.
My rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Charles Price may have grown up with his father in the family shoe business, but he never thought that he would take his father's place. Yet, the untimely death of his father places him in that position, only to learn that Price & Sons Shoes is failing.

While in despair at his failed attempts to save the business, Charles has a chance encounter with the flamboyant drag queen cabaret singer, Lola. Her complaints about the inadequate footwear for her work combined with one of Charles' ex-employees, Lauren, leads to a suggestion to change the product to create a desperate chance to save the business: make men's fetish footwear.

Lola is convinced to be their footwear designer and the transition begins. Now this disparate lot must struggle at this unorthodox idea while dealing both the prejudice of the staff, Lola's discomfort in the small town and the selfish manipulation of Charles' greedy fiancée who cannot see the greater good in Charles' dream.

My opinion: Once again a movie about being different, being someone who society find different. It's a cheeky but fun movie with it's own message. Fight for what you believe in, different or not. The movie is over all cute and I don't think there is part that falls flat really. The opening scene with the little boy dancing in red stilettos are so cute and so are what is following even if some parts of it really is killing me on the inside. Stop hiding, be brave. Believe in who you are and what you do.

Yes I would say it's one of those movies that makes you feel really good or at least happy after watching it.

If you love drama, humour, glitter and glamour. Than this is the movie for you! It sure is a movie for me ♥

Take care all of you ♥♥♥

Thursday, 20 May 2010

So much to do

Sorry for not giving some long update or much of pictures.

I had done so many things it's insane. I'm planing for my London trip♥ already and it's a lot to do (believe it or not) on top of this packing for when I'm moving out (6th June!!)

So today I did:

♥ Packing
♥ Making a card to my penpal Anna
♥ Planing for London
♥ Eating food
♥ Buying books


As some of you know I'm moving out of my parents place at the 6th June (The Swedish national day!) to an apartment. This of course means: OH GHOD PACKING.

My room is a total mess, so bad that I will not show you it. I promise to show once things are packed. Hope you all don't mind!
I really did not know that I had so much stuff to tell the truth.

I bought black plastic bags today to throw away stuff in. Oh ho.
There is also things in my room that I will give away, so a give away laters!

Making a card to my penpal


There, just had to have is said. But yes. I spent some time making a card to her from a magazine, glitter, glue and wallpaper. Want to see? Here is the result of my time Click to see larger!:

Sorry for the bad pics. I need a better camera.

Look at the butterflies and clocks ♥

Can you see the little butterfly?

This is where my letter is going to be ♥

What do you all think? I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but the wallpaper it's in gold! It's very nice to touch too! A nice structure under your fingertips so to say!

Also, the white board by the back of the card has glitter that looks like glittery frosting
♥ I'm very proud and satisfied!

Planing for London

Me and my friend been planing some over AIM how and where to go. We are going to the London ZOO!! I love to go to the Zoo!! I can't describe the bubbly feeling inside of me when it comes to Zoo's and aquariums. Ain't animals so beautiful?

We are going to spend some nice time there, going to do tourist stuff!
Also I'm going to use a non-digital camera at some things but these photos are going in a scrapbook♥ But there be photos of course in the blog! I still have my own (bad) mobile camera. I hope you all are looking forward to my London report!

But oh! I'm going to roam the Oxford street and Camden alone. I hope that be fun!
Anywhere you think I should go? Gal related or not!

Eating food

Don't we all do this every day? Anyway todays food was Sushi♥
Well Carlifona rolls to be exact! My favourite one
What are you favourite?

Me and my friend had dinner

Also for Lunch I had a grilled Sponge Bob!

Oh I love food♥ Perhaps a little too much (if that is possible!)

Buying books

A friend wrote to me on MSN and asked if I wanted books. Of course I want books, who can say no to that? So I got two gift codes to enter so I could get two free books!

Not the biggest selection of books but I ended up picking the same book twice. One for me and one for my mother. The book is about GI food. I never been a fan of diets to tell the truth and I want to stay healthy♥ and well the positive side effect on GI is that I will stay healthy and even lose weight.

Anyone tried the GI method before? Did it work out well for you?
GI + working out. Sounds real good to me♥

Please take care

Wednesday, 19 May 2010




More than that I will not tell ♥

Look forward to it


Tuesday, 18 May 2010

One minute disco♥

Hiya! Today been such a long day. First I spent my day studying, packing since I'm moving out but also spent time with my mother and my parents dog. Their dog is such a sweety ♥

My parents dog 'Chippen' is so cute

Right! So on my way home from spending some time studying I walked into this:

Wait..what? I could hear loud music and see a lot of teenagers stand next to this black barn-like looking tent. Of course I got curious and walked in.

Inside it stood two persons, giving out free energy drinks! Just what I needed. Inside there also where dark, a discoball shimmering and turning and of course the blasting music.

The one minute disco tent

The free drink! No I did not get paid to write this.

With my free (large!) energy drink with tropical juice flavour I walked off. Awesome.
Sometimes these showcase things are great♥


So I be in London between: 25 June - 3 July!
I'll will arrive in the morning to Heathrow airport (9:35 AM)

Than taking the tube to my hostel, fix things but after that

So if ANYONE would like to meet up between the dates 25 - 29th I'm on!

At the 30th I'm going to see the Japanese band Versailles with some friends of mine.
Of course if you are attending too you are more than welcome to say hello

After that I'm going to hang out with one of my very best friends ♥ Ooooh London ♥
So many things to do ♥


Monday, 17 May 2010

Trouble in paradise

Yesterday I walked for 20 minutes to get Ben & Jerry's ice cream! I been wanting it for the whole weekend but never had the chance to get it. So when I finally got there they had raised the prize (!) on the ice cream and enough so I would not afford it.

It's not the end of the world but it truly pissed me off. BUT! Today I got the much wanted ice cream! It's called Fish food. Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with fudge sauce, marshmallows and chocolate bits ♥ That is true ice cream love~ ♥ ♥

The ice cream was really tasty! It really tasted chocolate to me and the bits of darkish chocolate made a good compliment ♥ The little sauce and marshmallows just adds to it all. I really recommend this ice cream~!

Also! Today is my grandmother birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDY GRANDMOTHER
I just came home from her place and we had some cake, coffee and a talk. Just perfect ♥

Onto the sad news. I'm not sure if you all know who Ronnie James Dio is but he been my idol for years. He recently passed away and it made me really sad when I got to know yesterday. Rest in peace Ronnie James Dio ♥♥♥ You are in my heart and many others too. This year truly been a shit year when it comes to famous people who have died. Urgh.

And yes! Nana asked in my shoutbox if I like BJD dolls. Yes I do! I own 5 of them and if anyone wants I can write a little more and show pictures later~ !

I hope you all had a great Sunday and Monday! At least I had ♥
Take care


Sunday, 16 May 2010

Somewhere in a flat ♥

I woke up late today at 13:00 (1:PM) which pm(I believed was 14:00 (2PM) since my clock decided to fix with the time in the clock some. I loved the fact that I did not sleep in as long as I thought I did but it still annoyed. Silly clock, show the right time! Does little things like this annoy you too?

Anyway! Today I decided to post 2 photos from a random shoot me and a friend had before. It more or less happened like this: I found my friends gorgeous jacket (got one myself now) put some of my own clothes into an outfit and asked a friend to take pictures of me~!! Tada ♥

Enjoy ♥

Stairs ♥

And standing ♥

Knitted hat: H&M
Jacket: H&M
Pants: Cheap monday
Shoes: Demonia

Also! Photos by Jill Karlsson

I hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine! I'm off to check my Facebook ♥


Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mori girl ♥

So lately the Mori girl trend been going around like mad so...I decided to try it myself.
I took a little this and that from my wardrobe and did the best of it ~ !!

I'm no Mori girl and doubt I ever be but the fashion is just so nice ♥

Standing on a toilet *laugh*

Close up

Wig: Princess fairy
Bow: Angelic pretty
Blouse: Angelic pretty
Dress: H&M (Garden collection ♥)
Cardigan: Lindex
Socks: H&M
Bag: Amisu

I think it all turned out very nice, what do you guys think? I'm no expert but I like it ♥


Good morning ♥

Its a new day today and the clock is telling me it's 13:40 (1:40pm)!
Last night got a little late but I can't help watching movies for a little too late ♥

What are your favourite movie?
One of mine are 200 Pounds beauty (미녀는 괴로워)

Some short facts:
From: 2006
Language: Korean (there is English subtitles to find)
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama.
My rating: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Ha-na is the famous Korean pop singer. She suffers from having extremely poor self-esteem, as she has been ignored because of her appearance. At last, she makes the decision of a lifetime to have full-body plastic surgery.

My opinion: At first I tought that this movie could be a little touchy to talk about since it's very shallow at times and speak of what the public most of the time consider being right or wrong (fat/slim, beautiful/ugly) but I belive it bring up very important message. This movie talks about themes such as the superficial view of the world, how beauty becomes an obsession, how the most beautiful heart can hide inside a bigger girl, how people will give everything to a girl with beautiful face.

I believe that inner beauty is truly important and more important than the shallow one that we see of the most. Don't take me wrong, I love to watch beautiful pictures of gals in their curly hair, long beautiful nails but it's also important to not forget that there is a heart too ♥

This movie, about Kang Ha-na, the big girl, her heart, her dreams of that Sang-jun will look at her, love her , is really loving, cute, teary and wonderful. This movie made me laugh so much, made me cry even and reminded me of how cruel and shallow the world can be but also how empty some people are.

I truly recommend this movie!!
To tell the truch I'm more of a Scary movie kind of girl ^_^;; ♥

OKAY! I'm off to eat some food ♥
(I need a better camera than my phone T__T)


Friday, 14 May 2010

Curls ♥

Today I curled my best friend Daniellas hair! She is this awesome 80's rocker chick (Who I believe will look awesome gal styled!) Anyway! She is not too good with hair so she asked me to help her. I gave her some eyelashes, did our best with her make-up and curled hair hair.

Ain't she pretty?? I told her she will look so good in curls and she really does ♥ Now she is sitting here and sipping tea, it's 00:42 in the morning and looking most happy ~ !!

Also! and extra picture of my nails! Not the best picture but I think the nails look cute! Simple and just perfect for more or less any occasion!

I can sleep in late so I will stay up longer ♥♥♥


New layout ~!

The last layout was pretty but did not really work out so I decided to get a new one! This one!
It's a bit too white for my taste but very girly and cute ♥
Hopefully I can make something else later that looks even better~!!

Soon my best friend Daniella is coming over and we will make some food!


Fat in Japan

Fat in Japan

Good morning! It's 12:33 here and yes that means soon late lunch for me! I have no idea what to make but we will see what the fridge might bring!

Also, when I went trough some blogs this morning (5 minutes ago or so) I took notice of an entry of a girl that said that she had lost all her confidence in herself since someone called her fat in Japan. It's sad but the truth is that it's socially acceptable in Japan to call anyone fat. Not too good for the self-confidence there ey?

Let me explain closer! It's like when most of us western go: Hey how have you been? Long time no see! Okay not really but if you than instead said: Hi! Long time no see! Heya I did not recognizance you there since you grown so fat! <--- that is totally okay.

Sounds crazy I know but if some had a chance to call me an EU size 38 fat they would.

I have no idea why it's accepted to call anyone fat there when most people in Japan act so nice and polite most of the time. (When most think of Japan they think of bowing, being polite, so on, yes?)

Here if someone said that to my face I would laugh and I know quite a bit of people who will punch you in the face. Girls, if someone call you fat in Japan, don't let it effect you. You are NOT fat.

It's enough as it is with today's model ideal. Sides, what is so beautiful with looking like a skeleton? Where in the world is that attractive? No I am not saying this since I'm a girl with curves.

Don't think fat, don't think thin: Think beautiful. What is beautiful for you? Where do you want to be?

Okay, I'm going to go and eat a muffin now and watch some TV (Ohh TOP CHEF is on)♥


Thursday, 13 May 2010

New blog ♥

New blog ♥

Do finally I decided to get a blog, well ONE BLOG and not 1000 of them. I think it's a wise decision of mine. When I start a blog I always have this vision of that THIS BLOG is going to be the best one/the nicest one and so on. Of course things never turn out as I want them to be so this time it will.

I will use all my might to make it happen

So short presentation!

Name: Emmelie
Age: 89-09-13
Lives: Uppsala/ Sweden
Bloodtype: A+
Likes: Gals (♥) , fashion, video games, deco nails, art, BJD, crafts!