Sunday, 20 June 2010

Skype ♥

Today I finally decided to get a SKYPE
Anyone that feels like adding me on my SKYPE feel free to do so!
Just look for: Emmelie Mattsson / Sweden or my username emmelie.mattsson. (imaginary I know )

I love chatting and use some chat services: MSN and AIM.
Do you use any of these?

Also this been the most relaxing day in a long time. I booked two washing machines for tomorrow so I can get some clothes clean for London, changed my last money into GBP, had dinner with my parents and got the last details done for the trip. Great ♥

Had a lot on my mind recently but it feels like things are finally working out ♥

I been thinking about this a lot.
Most gals seems to be into pop. To tell the truth I never been into that.
There is very few occasions when I really like pop or listen to it at all.
I can understand the beat and the lyrics never really got me in it's grip.

Don't take me wrong, I'm open to all kinds of music.
Maybe I find pop one day that I really like ♥

Rock always been my thing and I guess it will continue like that for now ♥
So I'll wrap this entry up with some Japanese 80's madness: Vow wow - Don't leave me now Oh ghod the hair the hair the hair and voice ♥♥♥ (excuse my fangirlism)

Yes! Their vocalist is Japanese and his English is kick-ass! Sadly he quit the band later and became a high school English teacher. I want that guy to be my teacher.

Emmelie ♥

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Going to the movies ♥

I'm going to see a movie with a friend + his brother ♥
I hope that The A-team is a good movie, he picked it.

Been looking for clothes for hours and hours and ends up in shorts and a Star wars T-shirt.
How awesome is not Star wars?

Picture of todays hair:

Fake cornrows, fluffed hair on the side and okay make up.

Seeing that picture it reminds me of that I need to make holes in my ears. I'm so lazy at times.

Emmelie ♥

Friday, 18 June 2010

Hello ♥

It's getting closer to 100 readers ♥
How amazing is not that?

Also I would like to say hello to all new and old readers ♥

So when I finally reach 100 I will have a give away!
Like said before it be things from Tokyo and I hope you all will like it ♥

Today was a really non-interesting day.
I been cleaning, cooking and watching my room mate play Fabel II all day.
I love video game ♥ Do you?


PS! Just a few more days and I'm off to London ♥♥♥
and than Tokyo and Singapore ♥♥♥

Thursday, 17 June 2010

What's in that wallet of yours? ♥

A friend of mine keep asking me what I have in that wallet of mine so I decided to take pictures and show you all ~ !! ♥ Here we go:
This is my wallet
From Vivienne Westwood

I love Westwood ♥

Inside ~
Fabric on the outside, leather inside.

More inside

Cards in my wallet.
Left to right.

Hemköp - Bonus card for my local grocery shop
EU insurance card - So that I can get free help at hospitals in EU
H&M member card - gives me bonus when I buy clothes there
IKEA FAMILY - IKEA bonus card
SAS BONUS CARD - Flight miles ♥
Bank card/ VISA - This is the money ♥
Nilfons - This is a bonus card for various shoes shops in Sweden
Friskis and Svettis card - Gym card
Bus card - Takes me around the city

These are all the other cards I have in my wallet.
From left to right!

Bus card recite - On it I keep a pair of emergency eyelashes
Business card - From my friend Tamami
Business card 2: From my close friend Malin ♥
Business card 3: Black peace now card ♥
Puri piture: Of me and some friends at a com
Business card 4: From old man crush ♥ Gorgeous man ♥
Business card 5: My favourite café in Stockholm
Big business card: A café in France! A must go if you visit
Long business card: My close friend Niclas ♥
Business card 8: My hairdresser
Business card 9: My favourite restaurant in Stockholm


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Vidoe games♥

Hello darlings ♥
Yesterday I revived my tickets to Japan by mail. I always loved the idea of having the real ticket at hand more than just an E-ticket or something. I guess I'm silly but E-tickets makes me nervous.

So yesterday I recived this huge pile of tickets...well not many but the leatter was kinda heavy and yes it got me all excited! The ticket to and from Japan is a present from a friend of mine. Thank you M. Sasaki

Also I had to get myself a new passport. Someone who would love to see my passport photo and my old one? I look better this time at least *laugh* ♥♥♥

Excuse the bad light in my bathroom T__T

Also! A picture of my hair and it's not much but that is all you people get to see of it ♥ I'm told I'm a tease and I guess I am. I'll promise to take more picture of it later. All I can say is that it's shorter and very blond~ !

Emmelie ♥

Monday, 14 June 2010

Hair to be cut

So for my trip to London I'm going to cut my hair and I'm going for short.
I been thinking about it a lot and I will finally do it.

Sides, if I want long hair there is always extensions, wigs and such.
Cut and bleach, what do you all think? Too risky? Y/N?

Longer post later. Going now!


Saturday, 12 June 2010

Shoes ♥

So some week ago I got myself a new pair of heels
Should not since I need to save up for London/Japan/Singapore but ended up doing it anyway ~

There is something special about red shoes and I felt like I needed a pair myself.
You can never have enough of shoes ♥

Not the best of picture , a bit blurry , but still showing the shoes ♥

Short update for now but longer later, probably ♥
ALSO! For those who want to see pictures of my new BJD I can put up some pictures on Monday ♥ He finally arrived and I got all together. Wigs, shoes, clothes, head onto body and so on ~ ♥♥♥

Hmmm....btw, what places are worth to visit in Tokyo when it comes to gal shopping? I know a few but I love to get tips from others ♥


Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ask me anything + give away♥

Oh oh oh ask me anything!
Yes! Ask me anything and I'll try my best to reply ♥

also! GIVE AWAY! When I get 100 followers I'm going to have my first give away!
As you all may know by now I'm going to Japan so it's going to be things from Tokyo ♥


Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I'm sorry for no reply what so ever. A lot of things been going on.

First of all I MOVED! I moved out of my parents house and I'm finally in an apartment with people I feel good with ♥
Here is some photo. Please excuse the royal mess.
I'm sure I'm going to re-do it soon again *laugh*

The Apartment building ♥

The kitchen
Small but nice

First room

Same room
oh yes still so untidy

Room 2 ~
Less untidy

Same room

There! A small tour. You are not allowed into my bathroom or hall yet *laugh* it's not even looking decent right now ♥


Yes! As I wrote earlier I am going to London and I still am!
I got my hostels booked and some people to meet most of the time anyway!

I'm looking forward to all this. I'm still a little nervous since I have an E-ticket and not a paper ticket in my hand like for Tokyo and Singapore.

25th June - 3rd July

More details about London in the next post ♥ but now: TOKYO and SINGAPORE!
A friend of mine invited me to come to Tokyo t live with him and he also offered to pay my food, a place to stay and to pay for my flight. So yes of course I am going.

28th July - 18th August

The first week my friend is sadly working but I'm going to 109 for shopping *__*! How exciting is not that? I saved up over 12 000 SEK / 1490 USD. Expect shopping reports!

Of course I'm doing more than shopping! Like going to Sea world, the Ghibli museum and concert(s)
I need to figure out where to shop, where to go and where it's nice to eat (cheap/good food/ etc )

The first weekend of my visit me and my friend are going to Singapore over the weekend. I never been there so it will be much exciting and if not interesting! ♥♥♥

Third and last!

I hope you all are doing well and sorry once again for not writing ;__; ~ ♥