Saturday, 17 July 2010

Time of change ♥

I need to stop being such a lazy person each time I get 'girls week'

But hey here I am ♥

I spoke to Sara Mari for a while yesterday and while speaking I got inspiration to a lot of posts. Sorry hun if I ended up talking a lot about myself but it happens?

This post is going to be about change.
Yes I love these post myself so I guess it's time I make one myself!
What have you all looked like over the time?

Oldest from the top ♥



Half red, half blond

Half pink half blond

Long black. Aoi of Gazette used to be my biggest idol.
Cute VK/Oshare kei


Short blond, binder. I wanted to be a guy.

My punk time . Cosplay really made me see that I could look like a guy

First try to be gal

I really changed over time and I think it's fun to watch and wonder: why did I end up as I did? Either way I'm happy to be who I am ♥

Emmelie ♥


  1. teheee I've gotta say I love all your past styles!
    You're one of that few people that looks like can handle any style! Plus, you're super cute x3

    I specially like the Aoi look (I'm a super big fan of him) and the punk look.

  2. I had a great time chatting with you, and no you didn't talk too much about yourself. It was so nice to know more about you!

    Seeing all your photos with different looks and styles together is really cool. Because each photo is different from the others, it looks really good. If I have to pick a favorite one, that's going to be too hard haha. But I like when you had pink and blond hair, I like those colors together^^/

  3. Sasa: Thank you so much ♥ I heard a couple of times that I can handle a lot of styles and I'm really happy for that ♥ I took various photos in the Aoi look this is just my favourite one ♥

    Sara Mari: It was so nice to chat with you too ♥ I look forward to meet you! ♥

    There no is no need to pick a favourite one ♥ in fact it was taken for a drawing project a friend of mine made!

  4. You are so wonderful, do you know?♥
    You looked in every style wonderful♥

    pure awsomeness~♥

  5. its really nice to see the progression of ones style. everything you have tried you seem to do so very well :)
    i do like the pink and blonde hair a lot!

  6. oh my look so perfect on each picture!*_*
    YOu really had much changings during the last few years^^ Very interesting!

  7. It's really great to see your how to progressed though styles. right now I maybe trying to be gyaru. so it's great to see that people weren't just gyaru as soon as they started liking fashion.

  8. ゆき りょ よしたか かねばき - よしだ : Thank you so much ♥ Comments like this just make so happy *__*!!

    bones: I was never really happy with the style I had of my make up when I was blond and pink but I loved to have my hair like that ♥ When I did a style I always wanted to do things a bit over the top or at least what I considered to be right ♥

    Shou-chan: I guess it's a part of the humans natural progress? Change in style, music, clothes and so on ♥ But thank you ♥

    Ami: I think you should try it! Find something you like, do some research and just go for it. Don't be scared of looking for help. There is always going to be what people find to be right and wrong...either you listen or you don't. Make it to your own thing! ♥

    Zara: Thank you ♥

  9. Wow! Your first try at gyaru looks was really good. Seriously! Most of us fail or only do okay, but yours was great.

    Also, I love the androgyny shots. That's good modeling. Congrats to you ^_^

  10. You are beautiful, no matter what style you are into. You look amazing in all of them. ♥
    "why did I end up as I did? Either way I'm happy to be who I am ♥" kinda touched me, keep it up girl! :)

  11. Shahana: Thank you so much ♥ I guess I did my research well but also applied my own touch to it?

    Really? Thank you ♥

    Kira: Thank you ♥ I tend to hear a lot that I rock a lot of styles and I guess I'm glad I Do? ♥
    I'm glad my words speak to you as much as they speak to me ♥♥♥