Thursday, 17 June 2010

What's in that wallet of yours? ♥

A friend of mine keep asking me what I have in that wallet of mine so I decided to take pictures and show you all ~ !! ♥ Here we go:
This is my wallet
From Vivienne Westwood

I love Westwood ♥

Inside ~
Fabric on the outside, leather inside.

More inside

Cards in my wallet.
Left to right.

Hemköp - Bonus card for my local grocery shop
EU insurance card - So that I can get free help at hospitals in EU
H&M member card - gives me bonus when I buy clothes there
IKEA FAMILY - IKEA bonus card
SAS BONUS CARD - Flight miles ♥
Bank card/ VISA - This is the money ♥
Nilfons - This is a bonus card for various shoes shops in Sweden
Friskis and Svettis card - Gym card
Bus card - Takes me around the city

These are all the other cards I have in my wallet.
From left to right!

Bus card recite - On it I keep a pair of emergency eyelashes
Business card - From my friend Tamami
Business card 2: From my close friend Malin ♥
Business card 3: Black peace now card ♥
Puri piture: Of me and some friends at a com
Business card 4: From old man crush ♥ Gorgeous man ♥
Business card 5: My favourite café in Stockholm
Big business card: A café in France! A must go if you visit
Long business card: My close friend Niclas ♥
Business card 8: My hairdresser
Business card 9: My favourite restaurant in Stockholm



  1. that is such a gorgeous wallet =]
    really interesting post

  2. Ken: Thank you ♥
    I thin a wallet says a lot about the owner ~

  3. You have a VW wallet~~! It's awesome (*A*) ♥
    Black Peace Now is cool (^-^)
    I like Tamami's business card! (The one that it's above the green one). It's cute!!

    I wrote an entry about "what's in my bag?" just some minutes ago!! xD hahaha

  4. Sarah: Yes! Bought it a year ago ♥ I like it a lot ♥
    Yes! I like a lot of their stuff!!

    I should make one of these too!! ♥

  5. What a nice wallet you have! I like your business card collection, I don't have any business card. Except one from my ex-bf... haha!

  6. Está chulo el trikini, ¿verdad? muy sexy!!
    Gracias por el comentario y por seguirme =)
    Está muy chula tu cartera!! y tienes mogollón de tarjetas... wow!

  7. さらまり: I really like it ♥
    It's quite small but that is the only one I need in my own wallet. I have another one in a box.

    Raquel T.G: I don't understand Spanish at all ;__;♥ But by using Googeltranslate I understand some! And thank you ♥

  8. Adorable wallet ! I like your blog :) .

  9. Great wallet!

    Really lovely blog!

    Cheers, Jesa

  10. i like your wallet ^^ i'm following you back =) Your blog is really cute <3

  11. Sweet Mess.: Thank you so much♥ Westwood make amazing wallets ♥
    I like yours too!!

    Jesa: Thank you ♥

    MelissAnne: I like it a lot too. I use it a little too much ^_^;; Need a new one soon.
    And thank you so much ♥

  12. haha woow! You have so many business card! lol
    xo, Lorine

  13. I guess I collected some trough the years ♥
    I have more at home in a box!!

  14. Ooh~ This looks fun.
    Very cute wallet ♥

  15. Eden:
    It is!! ♥
    Thank you ♥ I love Westwood ♥

  16. ooooh thats one pretty wallet *_*
    viv <333

  17. Manda: Thank you ♥♥♥ Viv ♥