Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Vidoe games♥

Hello darlings ♥
Yesterday I revived my tickets to Japan by mail. I always loved the idea of having the real ticket at hand more than just an E-ticket or something. I guess I'm silly but E-tickets makes me nervous.

So yesterday I recived this huge pile of tickets...well not many but the leatter was kinda heavy and yes it got me all excited! The ticket to and from Japan is a present from a friend of mine. Thank you M. Sasaki

Also I had to get myself a new passport. Someone who would love to see my passport photo and my old one? I look better this time at least *laugh* ♥♥♥

Excuse the bad light in my bathroom T__T

Also! A picture of my hair and it's not much but that is all you people get to see of it ♥ I'm told I'm a tease and I guess I am. I'll promise to take more picture of it later. All I can say is that it's shorter and very blond~ !

Emmelie ♥


  1. your hair looks good from the pic I've seen love it

  2. Ami: oh it is ♥ I had my hair in cornrows on the side and other side poofed up gal style ♥

  3. Oh I wanna see your new hair :3
    you are right: E-tickets are quite scary..oo

  4. The first couple of times I traveled to Japan I was nervous and wanted to have paper tickets so I went to the travel agent. Now I travel so much I just use the e-tickets, but it does feel like something is missing.

    Wow! You really changed your hair, I'm so excited to see the whole look^^

  5. Shou-chan: Ylu will in due time ♥

    Yes T__T And I'm flying quite a lot T__T

    さらまり: I been flying a lot myself I still hate these damn e - tickets T__T

    Oh there be pictures laters ♥

  6. how awesome! <3 I hope you will have a good trip!
    and your hair is gorgeous, though there is not much to see. XD

  7. Love the hair!!! I wish i could go white blonde without looking ridiculous, take more snaps!

  8. cecil: Well we will have to see about the London trip but I hope things be good ♥

    Thank you ♥

    Bianca: Oh It be more pictures later ♥♥♥ but thank you ♥

  9. You are beautiful! And please show us your passport pictures!!

  10. Sanna: Thank you so much♥ Makes me happy to hear each time someone is telling me it ♥
    Oh I will! This years is much better than the one when I was 14 or something *laugh* ♥♥♥

  11. starcakeastrology.blogspot.com: Thank you ♥