Thursday, 10 June 2010

Ask me anything + give away♥

Oh oh oh ask me anything!
Yes! Ask me anything and I'll try my best to reply ♥

also! GIVE AWAY! When I get 100 followers I'm going to have my first give away!
As you all may know by now I'm going to Japan so it's going to be things from Tokyo ♥



  1. ooh cool and I hope japan goes great! do you have hair extensions or is i your own hair and could I be cheakling and ask for a tutorial on how you did your hair in your about me picture?

  2. yay have fun in japan
    i always wanted to go~!

  3. Oooh! You'll go to Japan! That's great!!

  4. Thanks for your lovely comment :33 You're all so cute :3

    How long will you be in Tokyo? Have fun there! <3

  5. Ami: Thank you ♥ And I think things will go just perfect ♥ I'll reply with a tutorial later ♥

    Ken: Oh I so will! I will have fun for you♥

    Sara: It sure is ♥

    Rii: No problem and so are you girl ♥

    I'll stay from 29 July - 18 August ~ ♥