Sunday, 20 June 2010

Skype ♥

Today I finally decided to get a SKYPE
Anyone that feels like adding me on my SKYPE feel free to do so!
Just look for: Emmelie Mattsson / Sweden or my username emmelie.mattsson. (imaginary I know )

I love chatting and use some chat services: MSN and AIM.
Do you use any of these?

Also this been the most relaxing day in a long time. I booked two washing machines for tomorrow so I can get some clothes clean for London, changed my last money into GBP, had dinner with my parents and got the last details done for the trip. Great ♥

Had a lot on my mind recently but it feels like things are finally working out ♥

I been thinking about this a lot.
Most gals seems to be into pop. To tell the truth I never been into that.
There is very few occasions when I really like pop or listen to it at all.
I can understand the beat and the lyrics never really got me in it's grip.

Don't take me wrong, I'm open to all kinds of music.
Maybe I find pop one day that I really like ♥

Rock always been my thing and I guess it will continue like that for now ♥
So I'll wrap this entry up with some Japanese 80's madness: Vow wow - Don't leave me now Oh ghod the hair the hair the hair and voice ♥♥♥ (excuse my fangirlism)

Yes! Their vocalist is Japanese and his English is kick-ass! Sadly he quit the band later and became a high school English teacher. I want that guy to be my teacher.

Emmelie ♥


  1. I'll add you when I have a skype account and I'll make one in Japan! Ok? :33
    Have fun in London!

  2. Hi Emi, nice to meet you! :-))

    Thanks for following my blog, I'm following your back as well!

    I wish you good luck on the giveaway!

    Oh, I wanna try Skype, too, so I'll add you then! :-) Still have to get a webcam! :-))
    Many greetings from Germany! :-))

  3. I guess I'll add you.
    So watch out! 8D
    My name is, as it's here, Jacqueline.

    I wish you a great time in London, it's just so awesome there♥

  4. Rii: Oh that be so nice ♥ Thank you ♥
    I know you will rock Japan ♥
    THANK YOU ♥♥♥

    Thanh Thao: Nice to meet you too ♥ and thank you, so sweet of you ♥

    Yes! I just have to buy the things first for it!
    I don't have a cam or mic but I still add people! You can use it for chatting too ♥

    jacqueline.: OH I will ♥

    Thank you and I hope so ♥

  5. Never really heard of VOW WOW, gotta listen to them! :D

    I've always liked rock too but lately I've been really addicted to some pop too, mostly k-pop. But I like many kind of music. :)

  6. Zara; They are one of so many good 80's bands! Try them, 44magnum, LOUDNESS or Make-up (look forhte song Rainy road or Pegasus fantasy!)♥

    It's nothing wrong with liking pop ♥ I get the idea why people like it...I just guess I like rock better ♥

  7. I love it!


  8. fashionfamous: Excuse me for asking what? Musit? skype? entry? pop?

  9. I find myself liking all sorts of music though lately i've been getting back into oldish bands like Blur and counting crows.
    I like J-Pop band Arashi, but let's just say it's not for their music xD
    Thanks for recommending this band! Lol he's now a teacher? do you recommend anymore? I've been getting bored of songs on my ipod lately...

  10. Missmoomin: I love Blur!! Oh the Gorillaz ♥ David A ♥♥♥ Oh I got this very sexual calender with Arashi XDD

    Yes he is nowadays a highschool English teacher XD ♥
    Oh bands to recommend: Bow wow, 44magnum , Action! , Make -up , Dokken or Seki II