Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I'm sorry for no reply what so ever. A lot of things been going on.

First of all I MOVED! I moved out of my parents house and I'm finally in an apartment with people I feel good with ♥
Here is some photo. Please excuse the royal mess.
I'm sure I'm going to re-do it soon again *laugh*

The Apartment building ♥

The kitchen
Small but nice

First room

Same room
oh yes still so untidy

Room 2 ~
Less untidy

Same room

There! A small tour. You are not allowed into my bathroom or hall yet *laugh* it's not even looking decent right now ♥


Yes! As I wrote earlier I am going to London and I still am!
I got my hostels booked and some people to meet most of the time anyway!

I'm looking forward to all this. I'm still a little nervous since I have an E-ticket and not a paper ticket in my hand like for Tokyo and Singapore.

25th June - 3rd July

More details about London in the next post ♥ but now: TOKYO and SINGAPORE!
A friend of mine invited me to come to Tokyo t live with him and he also offered to pay my food, a place to stay and to pay for my flight. So yes of course I am going.

28th July - 18th August

The first week my friend is sadly working but I'm going to 109 for shopping *__*! How exciting is not that? I saved up over 12 000 SEK / 1490 USD. Expect shopping reports!

Of course I'm doing more than shopping! Like going to Sea world, the Ghibli museum and concert(s)
I need to figure out where to shop, where to go and where it's nice to eat (cheap/good food/ etc )

The first weekend of my visit me and my friend are going to Singapore over the weekend. I never been there so it will be much exciting and if not interesting! ♥♥♥

Third and last!

I hope you all are doing well and sorry once again for not writing ;__; ~ ♥


  1. aw your looks so cute <3
    congrats for your house! so lovely ♥

  2. Love your make-up and hair. congrats on moving hope it fantastic for you!

  3. ((*natsi*)): Thank you so very much ♥
    It's a bit untidy and all but it will look better soon! ♥

    Ami: Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥ It's kinda simple but it's just perfect in my opinion ♥

  4. congrats on moving. hoping for you to get the best!

  5. Awwww!! You are so lucky being invited to Tokyo!:3
    Have fun at 109! And the Ghibli museum is great, I wanna go there too!! :3

    It must be great to live alone in an own apartment! :3 You lucky girl^^

  6. Lägenheten ser ju jättefin ut :) //Josefin

  7. Hope the move isnt that stressful~ wow going to tokyo? Have extra fun for me xD

  8. You're so lucky! Enjoy Japan!

  9. Felicia Marcellina: Thank you so much ♥ This place is great!!

    Shou-chan: All thanks to my man Sasaki! ♥ Oh I will enjoy my time so bad ♥♥♥ Expect reports!

    In fact no, I live with two people I dearly love ♥♥♥

    Jossan: Tack Jossan♥

    Clairy: It's kinda stressful >__< ♥ but it be be better soon! ♥♥♥
    Oh I will ♥

    Miruku:Thank you ♥ I will ♥♥♥

  10. u have a beautiful apartment
    that is a place i can live in!

  11. Ken: Thank you so much ♥
    It's really stylish and completely in my taste! I'm glad others like it too!!

  12. That is sooo cool that you moved out on your own! I wish I could be independent too, but I also like to not work... >.>

    Hey, we will be in Tokyo during the same time!! I would be so excited if we could meet up, but it sounds like you are really busy.

    Where can I find a friend like yours? I'm sick of paying for my stupid airfare XD

  13. さらまり:

    Well it's really nice I got to tell! No parents that nag on me but also the fact that I can make it on my own ♥ That alone is worth more than most things ♥

    I would love to meet up! Just say when you can and I can check if I can ♥ It would be awesome ♥♥♥ feel free to email me ---> hokiswril @ gmail . com ♥

    Well I found him on internet and laters met him IRL ♥

  14. What a lovely apartment! The building looks nice too very red :P not like the dull ones where I live :[
    I'll be in London most of the summer but it's for work T.T have fun, your summer sounds jam packed!

  15. Missmoomin:
    The building is kinda pinksih to tell the truth XD I LIVE IN A PINK HOUSE!

    Can't be too bad! You will make money you can spend later ♥

  16. congrats to your new apartment!!and enjoy your vacations to the fullest!!^^
    london must be so beautiful,i wanna go there someday too~

  17. Cori: Thank you ♥ ♥ ♥
    It is truly beautiful there ♥

  18. You're lucky ! >o< Going to London AND Tokyo !!!