Saturday, 12 June 2010

Shoes ♥

So some week ago I got myself a new pair of heels
Should not since I need to save up for London/Japan/Singapore but ended up doing it anyway ~

There is something special about red shoes and I felt like I needed a pair myself.
You can never have enough of shoes ♥

Not the best of picture , a bit blurry , but still showing the shoes ♥

Short update for now but longer later, probably ♥
ALSO! For those who want to see pictures of my new BJD I can put up some pictures on Monday ♥ He finally arrived and I got all together. Wigs, shoes, clothes, head onto body and so on ~ ♥♥♥

Hmmm....btw, what places are worth to visit in Tokyo when it comes to gal shopping? I know a few but I love to get tips from others ♥



  1. omfg! These shoes are love♥
    I'd like to see a picture with these shoes with you~ ♥

  2. ゆき りょ よしたか かねばき - よしだ: Oh there be pictures of me and these shoes ♥
    I just need to cord an outfit to go with them~!!

  3. Lovely shoes, bright/dark red high heel shoes are always sexy~

  4. Zara: Yes! ♥ They got something extra to them and straps are always amazing as well ♥♥♥♥

  5. Great shoes! I know what you mean about saving and spending. I'm trying to be a good saver but there's so much I have to pay for ><

    Oh I want to see your new BJD! I haven't played with mine for years...TT

  6. Those shoes are hot! :33

  7. さらまり: Thank you ♥
    I will have enough money so I don't feel much of a pressure but every single little extra penny counts after all ♥ But oh well, you can never have enough of shoes ♥

    Oh there be pictures!! ♥

    Rii: I know right? ♥ Thank you ♥

  8. oh! wow! thats heels are simply amazing!

  9. Nefer: Yes ♥ only cost me 220SEK /27USD! Thank you so much shoe sale ♥

  10. hot shoes I love red shoes they just pop out to me!

  11. Ami: I love red shoes too ♥ They feel really nice to wear as well!

  12. God...those shoes XD!!

    Also looking forward to seeing your BJD photoss!!

  13. Amelie: I love them ♥

    I hope soo ^^ ♥

  14. the shoes are lovely. and yes hachiko is a good movie. tokyo? that's cool.

  15. Felicia Marcellina: Thank you ♥

  16. Love those shoes! very cute!

  17. Bianca: Thank you so much ♥

  18. Shoes are cuute!
    They look like chloé!!!
    Yess u can never have enough pair~ I'm such an addict!!
    Wow ur trip sounds amazing I'm excited for uu!!!

  19. simple&lovely_xoxo:
    Thank you ♥ yes I was thinking about that too!!
    Indeed! and I'm very excited myself ♥♥♥