Monday, 14 June 2010

Hair to be cut

So for my trip to London I'm going to cut my hair and I'm going for short.
I been thinking about it a lot and I will finally do it.

Sides, if I want long hair there is always extensions, wigs and such.
Cut and bleach, what do you all think? Too risky? Y/N?

Longer post later. Going now!



  1. I like your long hair but its upto you extensions are a good choice as well as you can do loads of different styles. sorry that I'm not of any help.

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  3. Oops, what happened >< I'll post again.
    I like your long hair too, but I think short would look really cute on you too. Really fashionable :) I always say, follow your own mind and do what would make you happy! I regret when I cut my hair short two years back - but I was really happy with it back then, and that's what matters :)

  4. I say go short, I mean if you miss your long hair you can get hair extensions etc.

  5. Well last I knew your hair was stil pretty short and you were still doing the wig thing anyway so I think just go for it if it's what you want ^__^

  6. hey why don't you try something like this?

    So you can keep your long hair and change it into a bob easily^^

    You can also variegate this hair style with less volume for example^^

    Hope I could help you^^

  7. I love your beautiful hair, but life is short and you should have adventures! Hehe^^ I mean, hair is just hair - it grows back. Whatever you decide, I think it will look good!

  8. I definitely love short hair and I'm excited to see what kind of hair you'd cut. :D

    But better to think about it carefully. It's pain to try to grow up short hair, I've always failed.

  9. Ami: I think so too! After all hair grows out! ~ ♥♥ No thank you for your advice ♥

    Stelala: I cut my super long hair to SUPER short and I hated it. I think it be another thing now when I get to choose myself ♥ I think short be awesome~ !! Sides my hair grows like WHOA so it be back in no time ♥

    Clairey: I was thinking the same ♥

    Amelie: In fact my hair been pretty long for a while but I think I'll cut it ♥

    Shou-chan: I in fact tried that! Looks pretty on me but I'll think I cut it! Don't miss my hair too much ♥

    さらまり: In fact I think short will fit me. A friend told me that only women that are truly beautiful and don't need the long hair to shine should have it. Sounds a bit ego but I think it fit me ♥

    Zara: Oh there be pictures ♥

    Yes I know right? I never failed thankfully ^_^;; ♥