Saturday, 19 June 2010

Going to the movies ♥

I'm going to see a movie with a friend + his brother ♥
I hope that The A-team is a good movie, he picked it.

Been looking for clothes for hours and hours and ends up in shorts and a Star wars T-shirt.
How awesome is not Star wars?

Picture of todays hair:

Fake cornrows, fluffed hair on the side and okay make up.

Seeing that picture it reminds me of that I need to make holes in my ears. I'm so lazy at times.

Emmelie ♥


  1. I love the hair colour and the make-up the cornrows are good too!

  2. Ami: Thank you ♥ I'm a natural blond so it looks really good I think ♥

  3. OMG GIRL YOUR SO PRETTTY! Glad you had a good time~

  4. Clairy: WELL THANK YOU ♥ and I hope I will ♥

  5. Stelala: Thank you ♥ I think I'll try this look in Tokyo too ♥

  6. Aww,you're so adorable! ^.^

    You make me miss my blond hair so much,haha~ ^^

  7. you are so cute! this style suits you so well =) lovelove

  8. that is awesome!

    i love the hair color

  9. Maripon: Thank you so much ♥
    I love blond hair ♥

    Sanna: Thank you so much love ♥


    Thank you! ♥♥♥

  10. your hairstyle + hair colour look lovely :)
    i wish i could pull that haircolour off but it wouldnt look right with my skintone

  11. Rocking that Star Wars tee, mind if I ask where you got it from?

    Hope you enjoyed ya movie!

  12. Wow, follower nr. 100! (:
    Well, let me first thank you for your cmmnt and for following my little blog, I am happy about that. 2nd, let me say, that you are REALLY beautiful and your style reminds me of the tokyo street fashion, which I ADORE.
    And 3rd: Yeah, it's a pretty hard decision to choose between those five great stories and I really can't make a choice. (: Tennai is so lovely, Gokinjo is so romantic, Kagen No Tsuki is so sad, ParaKiss is fashion and Nana is life.
    Maybe I love Nana a bit different than the other stories, cause it was my first Yazawa-Manga (btw, did you know, that Jackson's Hole exists???) and Nana is also the reason why I fell in love with the Sex Pistols and Vivienne (nice wallet btw).
    Thank you again. xo

  13. elfpixie: Thank you ♥ and I'm sure there must be one blond that fits you ♥

    Claire: Thank you ♥ it's from the boys kids department at H&M! They got great T-shirts there that does not cost too much ♥

    nina: Oh yes you are number 100 ♥ OH YEAH GIVEAWAY SHALL BE! And well It's a Japanese style! Gyaru/ gal ♥ and yes I know how Jackson hole ♥♥♥

  14. I use to style my hair just like that. lol

    Well since I'm natural now, I cannot do that. Only puff and flat iron.


  15. Boutzie': Really? That's nice ♥
    I like natural hair a lot, it adds something extra to a whole look when hair is wild! ♥

  16. Hej ♥

    Thanks a lot for the sweet comment!!
    and haha you got a beautiful header too ;D

    Your hair + make up looks really nice! And star wars rocks ♥

  17. abendstern:

    Hej ♥

    No problem ♥ Sweet comments for sweet people ♥
    I know right? ;D ♥

    Thank you so much ♥
    and yes! starwars rocks!

  18. Aww thanks for your comment <3

    Your blog is also really cute and i loooove your hair colour *_*

    I'm following, too :)

  19. LizLisa: No broblem love ♥

    Thaaank you *__* ♥ ♥ ♥

    Sweet ♥

  20. Shou-chan: Thank you so much darl ♥

  21. Aw really pretty !
    I love your hair :).

  22. Sweet Mess.: Thank you ♥
    I'm really happy with it ♥

  23. You look great hun!♥ I love your make-up!

  24. Rebecca: Thank you so much love ♥
    So sweet ♥

  25. what a cute cut and color

  26. hey there!
    I just noticed that you'll travel to Japan :D
    I'm in Tokyo/Osaka from 2.8 - 17.8 and just wanted to ask if you'd like to do a meet up?
    if so, please contact me! <3

  27. Alee: Thank you so much ♥

    ゆーり ❤: Oh that be lovely! I'm sure we can arrange something ♥ I have no idea how to contact you ><

  28. Hello ! I love your blog, it's cool !
    Ps: Blond hair suits you ^-^

  29. Bloody Gorgeous~ xD
    I wish I could pull of blonde so well!

  30. you're really pretty <33
    Love the look on you


  31. hi lovee. you have gorgeous eyes! cute blog too xx

  32. Okay, 1., Star Wars is fantastic, so it's worth looking at clothes for hours just to end up with a Star Wars shirt~ 2. You are absolutely adorable, so you could make a T-shirt & shorts outfit look amazing anyway, and 3., You are drop dead gorgeous and I love your hair! *_*

  33. i love ur blog! im new to it! so cute!♥

  34. Yoshi: Thank you so much!
    Oh I think so too!!♥

    Missmoomin: It's an art to pull of blond or black hair, don't you think?♥

    Nur Bamadhaj: Thank you so much love ♥

    amanda: Thank you so much ~ !!♥

    libsy11: Thank you so very much♥

    Sophia Alexandra: Thank you!!♥

    Eloïse: Oh yeah baby!♥

    華 ♡°・.。: I know right? Star wars for win! and I hope so! Need to take pictures!♥ ♥ ♥

    Anya: Thank you so much and keep watching it ♥