Monday, 17 May 2010

Trouble in paradise

Yesterday I walked for 20 minutes to get Ben & Jerry's ice cream! I been wanting it for the whole weekend but never had the chance to get it. So when I finally got there they had raised the prize (!) on the ice cream and enough so I would not afford it.

It's not the end of the world but it truly pissed me off. BUT! Today I got the much wanted ice cream! It's called Fish food. Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream with fudge sauce, marshmallows and chocolate bits ♥ That is true ice cream love~ ♥ ♥

The ice cream was really tasty! It really tasted chocolate to me and the bits of darkish chocolate made a good compliment ♥ The little sauce and marshmallows just adds to it all. I really recommend this ice cream~!

Also! Today is my grandmother birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDY GRANDMOTHER
I just came home from her place and we had some cake, coffee and a talk. Just perfect ♥

Onto the sad news. I'm not sure if you all know who Ronnie James Dio is but he been my idol for years. He recently passed away and it made me really sad when I got to know yesterday. Rest in peace Ronnie James Dio ♥♥♥ You are in my heart and many others too. This year truly been a shit year when it comes to famous people who have died. Urgh.

And yes! Nana asked in my shoutbox if I like BJD dolls. Yes I do! I own 5 of them and if anyone wants I can write a little more and show pictures later~ !

I hope you all had a great Sunday and Monday! At least I had ♥
Take care



  1. Yummy, I have to try that one, I have only tried chocolate fudge brownie...

  2. I demand to know which you have!

  3. ben and jerry's yummy ^^

    sorry to hear they upped the pice of it though :/

  4. Fish food is DAMN FREAKING YUMMY! One of my fav Ben&Jerry ice creams ;w; <33

  5. Sandra: You should! It's so worth it! Sadly they cost like 5 bucks here but sooo worth it ♥

    Amelie: I have: Costume house The Ai Sia, LUTS CP EL, Dream of child Kirill, Migi doll Ryu (with crobidoll R line body) and a Crobidoll Nia ^_^)/ ♥

    Naka: Yes ♥♥♥ and I know right? It already cost like 5 bucks in a most shops...

    Anna: I KNOW!! MINE TOO ♥♥ that and brownie chunks ♥

  6. Oh~~! Show us your BJDs, please (·w·)

  7. Sarah: I will make a post about it, I promise ♥ I just need to get a proper camera to do so ♥

  8. ah i see~~♥
    looking foward for your BJD post.. ^^

  9. Cute Blog!

    And your adoration for Ben&Jerry´s is understandable ;)

  10. aww yummy! i love ice creams *_*
    in Spain I believe there Ben&Jerry's ;___;!

  11. Yummm Phish Food is totally my fave!! Sads to be on a diet some times lol.

    I heard about Dio, sad times are these :(

  12. I love that ice-cream, so tasty!

  13. yum! that looks soo good
    i love chocolate haha

  14. Yummy ben and jerrys, I love them but there so expensive :P

  15. Nana: please do♥ It will come up sooner or later! Pinky promise!

    MonsterSternchen: THANK YOU ♥ and yes T__T)/ B&J is the greatest of ice creams♥

    ((*natsi*)): No B&J?? OH NOES T__T♥

    Claire: I'm not on a diet but personally I try to think of what I eat...but one can not stand the power of B&J!! ♥♥♥

    Yes! It's horrible and it upsets me greatly.

    Miruku: Me too ♥

    Kimee: Me too!! CHOCOLATE ♥

    Clairey: yes ♥ Yes! it cost too much here too...T__T

  16. I love your blog!
    You're so cute! ^^*

  17. ☆Honey☆ : Thank you so very much ♥