Thursday, 20 May 2010

So much to do

Sorry for not giving some long update or much of pictures.

I had done so many things it's insane. I'm planing for my London trip♥ already and it's a lot to do (believe it or not) on top of this packing for when I'm moving out (6th June!!)

So today I did:

♥ Packing
♥ Making a card to my penpal Anna
♥ Planing for London
♥ Eating food
♥ Buying books


As some of you know I'm moving out of my parents place at the 6th June (The Swedish national day!) to an apartment. This of course means: OH GHOD PACKING.

My room is a total mess, so bad that I will not show you it. I promise to show once things are packed. Hope you all don't mind!
I really did not know that I had so much stuff to tell the truth.

I bought black plastic bags today to throw away stuff in. Oh ho.
There is also things in my room that I will give away, so a give away laters!

Making a card to my penpal


There, just had to have is said. But yes. I spent some time making a card to her from a magazine, glitter, glue and wallpaper. Want to see? Here is the result of my time Click to see larger!:

Sorry for the bad pics. I need a better camera.

Look at the butterflies and clocks ♥

Can you see the little butterfly?

This is where my letter is going to be ♥

What do you all think? I'm not sure if you can see it in the picture but the wallpaper it's in gold! It's very nice to touch too! A nice structure under your fingertips so to say!

Also, the white board by the back of the card has glitter that looks like glittery frosting
♥ I'm very proud and satisfied!

Planing for London

Me and my friend been planing some over AIM how and where to go. We are going to the London ZOO!! I love to go to the Zoo!! I can't describe the bubbly feeling inside of me when it comes to Zoo's and aquariums. Ain't animals so beautiful?

We are going to spend some nice time there, going to do tourist stuff!
Also I'm going to use a non-digital camera at some things but these photos are going in a scrapbook♥ But there be photos of course in the blog! I still have my own (bad) mobile camera. I hope you all are looking forward to my London report!

But oh! I'm going to roam the Oxford street and Camden alone. I hope that be fun!
Anywhere you think I should go? Gal related or not!

Eating food

Don't we all do this every day? Anyway todays food was Sushi♥
Well Carlifona rolls to be exact! My favourite one
What are you favourite?

Me and my friend had dinner

Also for Lunch I had a grilled Sponge Bob!

Oh I love food♥ Perhaps a little too much (if that is possible!)

Buying books

A friend wrote to me on MSN and asked if I wanted books. Of course I want books, who can say no to that? So I got two gift codes to enter so I could get two free books!

Not the biggest selection of books but I ended up picking the same book twice. One for me and one for my mother. The book is about GI food. I never been a fan of diets to tell the truth and I want to stay healthy♥ and well the positive side effect on GI is that I will stay healthy and even lose weight.

Anyone tried the GI method before? Did it work out well for you?
GI + working out. Sounds real good to me♥

Please take care


  1. Ooh! It's so cute the grilled Sponge Bob (*´ω`*)♥

    I've been to London several times. My favourite place is Camden Lock ☆(゚ω゚☆)(☆゚ω゚)☆

    This summer I'll go to London again if all goes well (>ω<)

  2. You did such a good job!!!

    What is the GI Diet?
    But I love the taste of food so much its so hard to diet ;~;

  3. Sarah: It is! It's almost hard to eat the poor fellow! Good news is that I can make as many as I want ♥

    Frifri Gyaru: No problemo ♥

    Ain Parfait: Thank you!! ♥

    GI diet..hmm I think this place explains it well: ---->

    Sandra: Thank you ♥ Tokk me about 20 minutes to make but so worth it ♥♥♥

  4. Lets hope my comment works this time!

    That is such a cute card!

    Eeeeeeee London! Can't wait! <333

  5. doedarling: IT IS FRIKKING WORKING ♥

    Thank you love ♥ ♥ ♥

    Yeeees LONDON HERE WE COME!! ♥

  6. I think I stare at a photo of your face for at least 10 minutes in my bed the other morning trying to figure out what your ethnicity is. You are so gorgeous! Are you Korean? Mixed? If so, how did you end up in Sweden! :) Intriguing..! Good luck in London!!

  7. the card is a good job! so beatyful!
    and Sponge Bob so cuuute! ~~ haha x33

  8. omg that spongebob sandwich is awesome!

  9. andbythewei: WHAT would be your guess? Maybe I should put up a contest about this.

    Well I ended up here since my parents live here so I guess that is why!? I like it here and the weather is somewhat always gorgeous ♥

    ((*natsi*)): Thank you so much ♥ YES! I love cute food. Print Hello Kitty on a pack of butter and I'd buy it.

    Ken: I know ey?? *__*!♥♥♥

  10. WOW to your food!! it looks too yummy to ignore =D

  11. All i can say is...keep an umbrella with you at all times! Haha London weather is so unpredictable and it always seems to default back to wet and miserable when it can't decide! But hopefully the skies will behave and stay warm and sunny =)

    I would love to show you round but I'm quite shy and you probably have other arrangements anyway!

    Camden is a must! Lots to see and the area is lovely. Oxford Circus for shopping of course and don't forget to step into Topshop.

    The other hotspots are:
    Chinatown (Piccadilly/Leicester Square) - Sight Seeing and food
    Trocadero (near Chinatown) - games arcade with some shops
    Covent Garden - more shopping
    Embankment - for sight seeing River Thames and Big Ben
    Brick Lane (East London) - a trendy area to shop for young fashionable ppl
    Westfield (Shepherd's Bush) - London's newest and biggest shopping complex.

    There's so many places i can't list them out!

    Hope this didn't confuse you too much!

    Looking forward to see your London report xx

  12. † XDOLL †: I got an umbrella backed already! If I find a cuter than the black one I got I'll buy it! Found this cute one at H&M with Minnie mouse but it's not matching much with my clothes ;; oh well! ♥

    Oh oh I do have space left and I don't mind if you are shy ♥ I can talk for two!! ♥ ♥ ♥

    I love Topshop! The oxford street flashipstore is already on the list ♥

    Oh all sounds lovely ♥ Thank you so much ♥