Friday, 14 May 2010

Fat in Japan

Fat in Japan

Good morning! It's 12:33 here and yes that means soon late lunch for me! I have no idea what to make but we will see what the fridge might bring!

Also, when I went trough some blogs this morning (5 minutes ago or so) I took notice of an entry of a girl that said that she had lost all her confidence in herself since someone called her fat in Japan. It's sad but the truth is that it's socially acceptable in Japan to call anyone fat. Not too good for the self-confidence there ey?

Let me explain closer! It's like when most of us western go: Hey how have you been? Long time no see! Okay not really but if you than instead said: Hi! Long time no see! Heya I did not recognizance you there since you grown so fat! <--- that is totally okay.

Sounds crazy I know but if some had a chance to call me an EU size 38 fat they would.

I have no idea why it's accepted to call anyone fat there when most people in Japan act so nice and polite most of the time. (When most think of Japan they think of bowing, being polite, so on, yes?)

Here if someone said that to my face I would laugh and I know quite a bit of people who will punch you in the face. Girls, if someone call you fat in Japan, don't let it effect you. You are NOT fat.

It's enough as it is with today's model ideal. Sides, what is so beautiful with looking like a skeleton? Where in the world is that attractive? No I am not saying this since I'm a girl with curves.

Don't think fat, don't think thin: Think beautiful. What is beautiful for you? Where do you want to be?

Okay, I'm going to go and eat a muffin now and watch some TV (Ohh TOP CHEF is on)♥



  1. haha its great that you're writing about "fat in japan" & then showing (&eating) a cupcake xD YAY FOR PPL WHO LOVE FOOD & DONT GIVE A FUCK ON CALORIES!<3

  2. I love food ♥ SRSLY!
    You can be healthy and eat what you want (^_^)/♥

  3. Love this entry because it is soooo true. My fiance called me fat, his mom told me I should go on a diet (because my mom is bigger from health problems after my birth so I guess I should start ahead??) and I have had friends call me fat AND tell me I am too skinny. So yes, commenting on weight is totally acceptable--bit of a culture shock on my parent. Even STRANGERS will comment on my weight. And I am skinny (as tiny as most Japanese girls, so it isn`t like I really am fat).

    But all that weight attention can get you down. It has for me at points, but I just have to firmly remind myself how awesome and lucky I am to have a healthy, functioning body.

    What you said is so true: think beautiful, be happy with who you are and you will be beautiful. No reason to confirm to someone else`s idea of beauty because everyone`s idea of beauty is different.

    Your entry is a nice reminder--I am linking this on my weekly wrapup!

    Hana @ Finding Tokyo

  4. PS. culture shock on my part (not parent!!)

  5. HANA: I thought I bring this up since it happens all the time. I went on a dinner with some Japanese friends and one he just grabbed my under arm and pinched it! He looked at me, told me I got fat and than smiled. I know this would have killed a lot of girls but I only laughed.

    I am not fat, neither are you.
    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and feel free to link this! ♥♥♥

    I'm a gyaru and I like writing about my nails just as much as I love to write things like this. Beauty is everywhere ♥♥♥

  6. Its not only Japan, all across asia its acceptable to callsoeone fat. I guess criticism is okay there... I still will never understand it.

  7. Ain Parfait: Oh I know but I decided to write about Japan since that is what I know the best ♥

    Well it's so funny. They really hype over being thin and so on. I went to Karaoke and it even said how many calories I lost by each song.

  8. Haha, what about those of us who actually ARE fat? Should I avoid Asia until I can shed the pounds? :P

  9. frootums: I don't think you should really. Depend on after all what you decide is fat or not but what I wanted to say with this post that even if you are a skinny stick or not it's accepted in Japan to call someone fat.

    I don't think anyone size or looks ever should keep them back from doing what they want in life ♥

  10. Hi! I'm Ligaya from the Philippines. I found my way here through Hana's blog.

    That's strange, I thought commenting on weight was something culturally prevalent only in the Philippines (we're a part of Asia too, we just don't look/sound it thanks to 46 years of American occupation, with 3 years of Japanese occupation on WWII). Here, the older folks in particular like to go, "Oh hi [name here]! I haven't seen you in a while! Oh my, haven't you gotten fat!" and then they proceed to pinch your cheeks.

    It gets creative too. Sometimes the other person starts out, "Oh, you look different... like you've grown rounder, maybe?" Or, "Oh, are those your arms/legs now? Why, they're GIGANTIC!"

    I am actually bracing myself for more of that because I'm meeting relatives I haven't seen in years this coming Sunday. =_= Granted, I DID let myself go, but come on... really, calling the other person out on it is TERRIBLE. X_X

    PS Pinksugarichigo of the Diamond Gals galsa shares the same Filipina roots as I do, and if you'll ask her she'll answer that she has gotten commented on her weight too even by Fil-American relatives.

  11. It hit me as a little bit a shock when people meantioned weight so openly. I once went for a meal with a guy and he asked if I was going to go on a diet. I was like.. no why? and he just looked at me like... ohhhh I was just wondering if you ever thought about going on a diet...

    I tried to let it not bother me, but I caved in and now I am dieting hah! Sometimes it's annoying not being stick thin in Japan imo.

  12. Ligaya : As it seems it's a little everywhere!
    I just wanted to point this out since it will happen most likely in Japan ♥
    It's very interesting tho that it seems to be something accepted. Maybe it's only me or how I am brought up in Sweden but we simply don't do this and not in many other countries either.

    There will of course always be people who comment on how you look and so on but yeah ♥

    Thank you for that interesting reply and I hope things when well with the relatives ♥

    shibuya_nights: Oh srsly here I would react probably the same if a guy asked me that.
    What's wrong with people?

    I don't let it bother me ever since I like how I look and I adore my body.