Tuesday, 18 May 2010

One minute disco♥

Hiya! Today been such a long day. First I spent my day studying, packing since I'm moving out but also spent time with my mother and my parents dog. Their dog is such a sweety ♥

My parents dog 'Chippen' is so cute

Right! So on my way home from spending some time studying I walked into this:

Wait..what? I could hear loud music and see a lot of teenagers stand next to this black barn-like looking tent. Of course I got curious and walked in.

Inside it stood two persons, giving out free energy drinks! Just what I needed. Inside there also where dark, a discoball shimmering and turning and of course the blasting music.

The one minute disco tent

The free drink! No I did not get paid to write this.

With my free (large!) energy drink with tropical juice flavour I walked off. Awesome.
Sometimes these showcase things are great♥


So I be in London between: 25 June - 3 July!
I'll will arrive in the morning to Heathrow airport (9:35 AM)

Than taking the tube to my hostel, fix things but after that

So if ANYONE would like to meet up between the dates 25 - 29th I'm on!

At the 30th I'm going to see the Japanese band Versailles with some friends of mine.
Of course if you are attending too you are more than welcome to say hello

After that I'm going to hang out with one of my very best friends ♥ Ooooh London ♥
So many things to do ♥



  1. i want to go to london too ;__;

    hope you'll have fun!♥

  2. aww how funny this disco! :3

    have fun seeing versailles ^^

  3. caro ♥: It be so much fun! Even if no one wants to meet up I think I will have a great time ♥

    Shou-chan: I know right? It's a very original idea for sure!

    Oh I will ♥

  4. aww that dog is cute :D
    London rocks, you should check out London gyaru guide....http://londongyaruguide.blogspot.com/ (sorry if you already know london well!!!) x

  5. I went to London last summer, the shopping is great:) If you like cheap clothes you have to go to Primark!

  6. bones: I don't know London well at all but I knew of the link, either way, thank you so much ♥ Very thoughtful of you ♥

    Sandra: I'm not a fan of cheap or non-cheap clothes. I'm a fan of nice clothing. I'll check it out ♥

  7. have fun in london =]

    gosh i really want a puppy
    but i am so poor

  8. uuuuh free energy drinks! AWSOME!! :O
    I'm going to wales this summer with my inlaws :) Looking forward to reading about your vacation :D
    uh moving out? exciting! I moved out when I was 18 but I remember how excited I was :D

  9. The pup is just too cute!! ♥

  10. Ken: My parents dog is not a year yet so I think it counts as a pup still! Dogs are so cute ♥

    And yes I will! London will be amazing I presume ♥

    Janne: YEEES ♥ FREE ♥
    Wales sounds fun to me! AND I WILL blog about this on my vacation if there is any internet at my hostel.
    I'm turning 21 and finally moving out. It's somewhat harder here to find a place to live >_< and it costs a lot too!!

    Iyah: Yes *_* ♥

  11. have fun in London!
    cute dogie :)
    following =]


  12. CIARA: Thank you ♥ as it looks like now I'm on my own the first days but it be fun!
    Yes he is a true prince ♥
    thank you ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. What a cute dog!! ^-^

    Oh nooooo, that's not funny. I'm going to London too, but one week earlier (because I have birthday on 18th June xD)!!
    I'Ve never been in London yet. Do you have any great tipps for shopping? Recomment @myBlog :)

    Recomment: Thanks for your lovely comment *____*

  14. hahahha London !! really nice place ;p

    im going there in Mid july aswell ;p

    its more a family trip hahaha im taking my parents to my uncle's place .. than i got like 2-3 days time free in london .. hang over at some friend's place :P they gonna show me arround mwhahaha cant w8 ..

    shopping and taking pic s...

    u take more pics ler .. enjoy !!

  15. OMG!!!!!!!! HOW SUPER TOTALLY AWESOME COOL WOW!!! Have fun I wish I could goooo! but i need to work this summer to travel next summer! ugh! take lots of pictures!!!

  16. Ribbonlicious: Oooh yes he truly is ♥
    I don't have any great shopping tips but I been told that Camben rock! also check out ----> http://londongyaruguide.blogspot.com/

    Lil' Chiny: Yes! I heard so♥
    Oh I bet you will have fun! ♥
    Oh I promise to take picture! PROMISE ♥

    Bianca: I bet you will have fun in Chicago too ♥