Friday, 28 January 2011

Long time no see my blog!

So once more a lot of things happened but I am glad to be around. I really should do something about this. I decided to try to write as often as I can no when school is on again ♥

SO! I been up with a bit of everything and my latest project been a pair of shoes!

This is what they first looked like:

Fluffy heels with stud details!

This is what I did to them:

Pearls and a bow ♥



  1. those are the cutest, edgiest pair of lovelies I had ever seen, love at first sight!

  2. Saving Capulet: Thank you so much dear! I'm not a person with skills when it comes down to make stuff or such but I really like the outcome of those!

  3. I love DIY stuff... and what you did looks amazing! very talented =)

  4. ♥Mishi à la mode♥: Who does not? I love love love shoes like this. First seeing them made me go all: DO WANT!! I'm no rich girls so I decided to make something of my own!

  5. Alanna: Thank you ♥ I love having pretty things around me! Such as shoes and clothes ♥