Sunday, 21 November 2010

Oh my oh my ♥

Hello people! I really haven't updates in months (!) and that is not cool. I promise to make a better update soon but until then I will give you some PURI from Japan to look at! It's me and Sara Mari

Emmelie ♥


  1. maaawww that last photo of you two is just super duper gorgeous! go you, you amazing girls!

  2. Saving Capulet: Thank you so much ♥ A lot are coming up! To cover ALL I done due the time will be hard but I will try ♥

  3. I wanna have purikura with you cute girls, too!! Come to Japan again, Emi!!

  4. I thought you alreade gave up on blogging xD Welcome back! Cute Puris ♥

  5. awww finally you write again * 3 *♥ *happy*

    And the puris are so cute♥

  6. Thanh Thao:Thank you girl ♥ and if we get the chance, if I get the chance I am sure that will happen ♥ PURI PURI! ♥

    Matsumi: Oh no! I never said ANYTHING about giving up, did I? ♥ We all have our rough patches, don't you think?

    ゆき: Someone seems happy to see me writing again ♥ MAKES ME HAPPY! ♥

    Thank you , I love Puri ♥

  7. nice blog :) the design is soooo cute :D
    xoxo greetz from germany :D

  8. Samispoon: Thank you! Puri is so much fun ♥

    C h i Q.21: Hello and thank you ♥

  9. Dear follower
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    ( soon!

    Please follow my new blog Ruichimarukyuu

    Thank you!

    Btw: Your purikura are so great *O* I really like them!