Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Package time ♥♥♥

Yesterday I got an awaited package! I ordered some stuff about 1 week ago and now it's here ♥
I got truly thrilled when the post man delivered it to me ♥♥♥ Who doesn't like stuff, right?

Package ♥

It sure took me a little while of tearing and such until I decided to give it up and fetch myself a pair of scissors. Anyway ♥ Soon enough I had a small pile of cardboard and my stuff!


SO! One Galaxy school uniform (Shirt, skirt and bow), two packeges of nails, one Winnie-the-Pooh key cover, one pink Snoopy phone charm, two pair of socks and a tiger with fake diamonds♥ The uniform and nails are mine alone. The rest is things my mother picked out for mothers day! Did you guys celebrate your mothers? 

I'm really sorry for the poor picture quality. I didn't notice until later how bad it is. Oh well..


Oh! From one thing the the other. Today is the last day I can pack before going to Japan as tomorrow I am taking off to a 4 days long Japanese Con! DinoCon:02

It's a fabulous event created by my friend Raichi The homepage is sadly only in Swedish but please take a look anyway! There will be a fashion show, host club, karaoke, maid café, bands and a lot more♥ I know I will enjoy myself a lot. On the last day (the 16th) and the last day of the con me and my best friend are taking of earlier to go to the airport! JAPAN TIME♥ Going from one awesome thing to another!

I have always been awefull about updating with pictures but I truly need to do so this time. BRING IT ON!!


Monday, 10 June 2013

I need to get back in the loop


First I figured I'd delete this blog and start blank. A clean slate so to say. Then I told myself not to. Why not I might ask myself? Well I do have some old pictures in here and they are quite nice to look back at! So instead of deleting I will update ♥

What have I been up to lately? I started to study to be a nurse, I got myself moving to a new apartment, I bleached my hair to a lighter shade and I shed some pounds. Isn't that exciting?

How are you all?!

This is a newer picture of me ♥

Crappy quality but what the heck ♥

Also I'd like to inform you all that I am going to Japan on the 16th together with my best friend Beah ♥ I have been looking forward to this for a while and will update from there ♥♥♥

I'm off to reply to some comments I missed out!


Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New job

So! I got myself a new job. Isn't that exciting? I'm going to do wig styling, nails and sell clothes. Fetish clothing. OMG OMG OMG EXCITED!

I need to update more about this later. Right now I am about to run out the door !


Sunday, 23 September 2012

Fat in Japan

An old entry of mine but someone mentioned recently to me that they wanted to read it again

Emi ♥

Shopping ♥

It just happened ♥
The other day I got my hands on some neat stuff ♥  I always been into large bangles and huge necklaces and finding a cheap deal on things I really needed and wanted didn't help so to say.

SO ANYWAY ♥ Shopping . As I have all of these sorts of styles I decided to suit myself up for the upcoming winter! These are some of the things I got myself:

 Spike earcuff

Spike chain bracelet

 Bangle spike necklace

 Fake tattoo star tights

 Black and gold bangle collar

As my style is always changing there will never be a proper definition of what I am wearing. Sometimes I feel like a complete boy and just want to dress away like that, the other day I'm a princess. Some sort of mix style I guess? Urban, goth, street and gal style? Let's not put a name on it ♥ 

What I am SURE of is that I am totally into layered clothing. It's all nice and you can dress any style in it. Girl? Put a belt on it to define that waist of yours. Guy? Let it flow ♥ That's how I like it!

Emi ♥

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Friday, 21 September 2012

Japan! (part 1)

So I went to Japan and never updated about it. I will cut this post up as it takes ages to write about 7 weeks in Japan, don't you think? ♥

So! First off! Me and my lovely friend Lala got to Japan at the 10th of July! When we arrived at Haneda airport we got to know that they lost all of our luggage. Didn't feel too well as I had all of my clothes in there and extra shoes (my shoes broke, the whole sole broke free!) So yes. This really sucked!

We got ourselves over to the hostel we decided to stay at and got a wonderful greeting there. A girls in the staff (that now is a beautiful friend) let me and my friend borrow some shirts to sleep in and whatever else we needed. Felt really good.

We settled in, paid for out visit there and then WENT SHOPPING ♥♥♥ What else to do when there is no clothes to wear? We got ourselves to 109 to buy some stuff. Spree went very well. I don't have any pictures of that now (as all my clothes are boxed up at the moment) Let's just say I spent a bit too much in GLAD NEWS.

First picture I took in the train on our way to the hostel!

Oh! My friend (now boyfriend) Takashi waited for us for two hours at the airport. Such a kind guy. He later took us for dinner and paid it all (Thank you darling! We truly needed it) 

 Our first meal in Japan. I love Japanese food. Sashimi, rice and god knows what.

 Tatami feet!

One of those good days. I really miss it. The day after that we started off our quest at finding melon bread. I really love melon bread and there is 65165154 types of them in Japan. Takes time and determination to find the one that one really like. Some have cream, some are just sugar. Takes time. 

 Mellon bread ♥

 Mmmm cream filling ♥

I can't remember much of that day but I do remember that we had Shoyu ramen close to the Shibuya station. Shoyu ramen has a broth base made of Soy and it's really tasty!

 We found this Swedish brand shop in Sweden while walking. Fjällräven. Very random.

The bride by Shibuya station

 The ramen we had ♥

 A good random day which I enjoyed very much. We found a 100 yen shop too and oogled our eyes out on cheap corn soup and hotcake mix (Don't ask ♥ ) 

That's a good start ♥ I'll update soon enough with another post about Japan and stuff I did ♥ 

On a random note! Here is some new pictures of me! 

 Me and my friend Beah! 

 Birthday kid! ME!


SO! I hope you enjoyed and thank you for sticking around ♥♥♥♥

Emi ♥